Fridays and Doors and Beer…Oh My! #SoCS #ThursdayDoors

Man, what can I say? I am SO behind this week. Could it be due to some little thing called “work”? I am not really an uber talented gal but I take pride in my ability to juggle and multi task pretty well. This week has been mind boggling though. So glad my #Free48 showed up to rescue me!


This was how my week started…ugggg..

This will be a two-fer. I am not nearly so great at doors posts as my good friend Dan of No Facilities. He takes photos of awesome doors in all sorts of interesting places. I mean, I see doors and use doors; but they tend to be the same ones. They are either those leading in and out of work or the ones leading out into my beloved playground of nature-which has no doors! That’s why I love it so much.

Then along comes a message from my son and his beautiful fiancee telling me they are sending a little surprise package my way. Yipppeeee! I love surprises. And packages. I never expected their lovely little surprise to also be my doors salvation this week! Just look at these great doors!


And they are actually these amazing note cards. They remind me of the doors in Greece and Italy! Thank you Ande and Hayley for such a thoughtful surprise! For more great doors visit our Thursday Doors host Norm Frampton. You can see other wonderful doors there and add your own!

When I slipped downstairs this morning to catch up on posts and check the Friday prompt from Linda Hill for #SoCS, I went directly to Dan’s blog to see how things were at the bar. Linda’s prompt for today is picture. Oh goody! 

My favorite thing! So I snapped this one. It pretty accurately shows my every Saturday ‘first rising’ routine.


Yeah…the doctor always wakes me up. 😉 So, here I sit, doing my writing while my art pad waits, my jewelry waits and…what was that other thing….oh, yes! OUTside. Maybe I will squeeze in some food and chores somewhere too.

And, speaking of food, this was going to be my doors contribution this week. By Friday I sorely needed some comfort in the form of Casian wings and beer. Or whiskey. Well, both! This is a favorite spot of ours. The owner is from NOLA and serves up Louisiana style fare with a twist or two. The bar is smoking but even that didn’t stop me. The bars all used to be smoking in Louisiana. Yeah, we disrobe at the front door and shower. 😏 My allergies are more forgiving that way.


Oh, and great news. Chip seems to be just fine, although I haven’t seen Dale…😕


The week ended up rather nicely so I have high hopes for at least one sunny day over this Free48! I hope yours is perfect!

Sunrise Friday am
I have more great windows than doors from day to day…

So, this is a new jewelry project. I hope to do some more with it today!


Dream on folks……

12 thoughts on “Fridays and Doors and Beer…Oh My! #SoCS #ThursdayDoors

  1. I hope your Free48 are going well, Cheryl. What a nice, not to mention timely gift – those doors are the best. Good food, a few hours of creativity and some time outside sounds like the perfect way to say goodbye to this pesky tasks.

    Thanks for the mention. I’m about to head over to the place where I do most of my research – yes, it’s a requirement, but I don’t mind 😉


    1. I had a feeling I would find your comment in my Spam folder Dan, which I did. Whatnis UP with WP anyway? And I have more spam now than ever. I may have to just do away with tropicalaffair and buy up for the new one. I hope you are enjoying your research time by now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the comparison between the first ‘ugggg’ photo and then the same shot (almost) in the second to last photo.

    Yup. Chip looks fine and dandy!

    Those note pads are terrific! They couldn’t have picked anything better to send you. Nice. You’ll have to write Norm a hand-written note on one!! Lol.

    Love your new bead project. Great combination of beads and stones.

    But that tulip garden. Beautiful! Makes me think we might actually see spring here ….maybe even this year!

    Have a happy, fun-filled Free48. Sounds like you earned it.


    1. Thanks Ginger. I am already enjoying it. Have had coffee, avocado toast, worked on projects and am about to do some dusting (yippee my fave! 😩)Just happy I have something to dust. Yes, tulips promise Spring may well show her lovely face. Have a great one yourself.


  3. Boilermaker FTW! What wonderful notecards, Cheryl. That WAS a happy surprise package. Geez — you write, you jewel, you art, you tend bar…. A regular Renaissance Woman! 🙂 Thank you for a wide range of happy today!


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