Hi again!

A lot of you know me from my Mother site tropicalaffair.wordpress.com I have been online there for about six years, blogging about our adventures in Costa Rica and beyond. The site is a hodge podge of creative endeavors and you can find lots to read and look at there. Sadly, it is now too full to hold any more photos, forcing me to either delete, pay up or move on. So, here we are.


I decided to theme this space in connection with what is most important to me. Living this dream we call life is a gift, a treasure, one that many people unwittingly take for granted. We may walk through our days in a daze, discouraged by life’s trials and often trivial disappointments.


Taking up photography has been a lifeline and friend for me so many times. When I turn my eye to the wonders of the natural world my heart slows, my mind stops chattering, and I can feel the pulse of Spirit in all that I see.


I hope to share these things with you here and often the images inspire the writer in me as well. My great desire is that we all realize the immense power we have to create our reality-our world-and that we learn to do so in the most amazing and beautiful way.


Come, walk with me and see the beauty born from the heart of Mother Earth…


Light is Life