Christmas Unwrapped

One of the many perfect gifts I recieved this year was books. This one took my breath away. How I miss John.

The treasure. Imagine, published in October of this year
John and Yoko made magic
I miss this wisdom
One of my favorite songs and the inspiration for my ‘signature’


This post brought to you (late) for #1LinerWednesday


18 thoughts on “Christmas Unwrapped

    1. It was just published in October. The cool thing is many of the quotes in the book can be heard on his uncut recordings of the Imagine album. There was so much more to the relationship of John and Yoko than the media ever presented properly.

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      1. I never really paid much attention to his life, only his music, but I know that Yoko was largely denigrated by the media. I may have to check that book out.


  1. The paragraph about “So-called Christans” struck a chord, as I hope I never become a “so-called.” Lennon’s spirit was kind and I believe he knew well the meaning of “love your neighbor.” It’s too bad that one person didn’t love him as well and sought to end his life. He is one of those people where you wonder what more he would have done had he lived to an old age.


    1. Well,I like to think that many souls’ work is more visible after they have left us. It is sad but oh so true. If one is to accept the full truth of Christ’s story, it was the choice he made to accept his crucifixion to express the message of sacrifice more fully. I doubt anyone could ever consider you a “so-called” anything. You are a most authentic person, Mary. Hugs!


  2. He was a special talent and he viewed the world and life almost as a child (or so it seemed). I miss him, and I wonder how much wonderful music we missed due to his being taken from us too soon.


  3. To pick up the “jesus is light” theme from that page in the book. 1 John actually says this in the English translation. But the book is spot on in observing that love is part of the two chief commandments preached by Jesus. John Lennon was a genius! I love things like Day In The Life; he was so brilliant with abstract imagery. Hope you enjoy your Christmas gift, and Happy New Year! Keep Dreaming!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, he was an honest, brilliant man-child who discovered and accepted the innocent trust of a child when it came to love, something that had been taken from him at a too young an age. After Imagine, I think Working Class Hero is one of my favorite songs. But I love them all.


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