Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”

  Let me out, the veil grows thicker, darker, slicker, a slippery slope with little hope of resolution- the solution shadowed by shouts, riddled with doubts of survival as the dim light, once so bright slips quietly through greedy fingers … Continue reading Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”

I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday

So Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.  Great song by Paul Simon.   I love the brilliance a color photography, especially in the digital age.  Still, there is depth and character to a great monochrome photo.  Normally I resort to it when the color version is over or underdeveloped.  I should do more of it intentionally. What say you?     Do things really look worse in ‘black and white’? Paul? This song brings me back to Jr. High School.  Fer sure…..   This post is part of Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday Prompt For more great posts visit her there and … Continue reading I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday