Earwhat?! #SoCS

I’ve never told him this, but I rely on Dan to supply the #SoCS prompt for me each week. I get the notice for his post first, check it out, copy the link and get mine going. Oh, hi Dan! Thanks for the reminder of the reminder. The truth is I love the ‘If We Were Having a Beer’ stories so much. Congrats on hitting one thousand posts (and congrats to the weary Editor too) 😏

Now, back to that prompt. When I first saw Linda’s prompt I thought it said, ‘earwig’. That word conjured up horrific images of me From my childhood, blissfully watching TV on the cool clean floor on a hot Saturday night until abruptly having my world explode when someone shouts, “stinkbug!” which, in my family, means “earwig”! Then it was mayhem as my Dad went for a shoe and we kids flew in four different directions. Sometimes we even missed Flipper saving Bud. Or Sandy saving Bud, or Bud and Sandy saving Flipper.😱

Then this image flew into my brain.


Rabid Rod Serling (Dan) fans will know the series and the episode immediately. But those of you who don’t can watch it here.

THE most frightening episode of Night Gallery for me. Ever. Wait. Maybe it was the spider that kept crawling up from the sink-only bigger. Or maybe the dummy that came to life. Or maybe….you get the picture.

Well, when I looked twice and realized it was, in fact, ‘earworm’ I breathed a sigh of relief because, God knows, I didn’t want to relive those horrific memories!

Now, darn if I didn’t just post an earworm story Here two days ago.

However, it seems I normally wake up with a new earworm every few days so today’s magical mystery tour brings us to the song that was in the movie last night, The Keeping Hours, oddly enough recognized by another blogging friend a few days ago. It was a fvaorite of mine in the 70’s. You can check out Jill’s blog Over here if you like. The song?

And, now here’s the really strange part about all of this-(cue Twilight Zone intro music) This song has long been my “cure” tune to rid myself of an earworm song. Please don’t ask for the science behind it but just know that it works. Perhaps the slow pace, the concentration it takes to sing the lyrics, or just the fact that it puts me into a meditative romantic place. It works. Every time. What word were we talking about? I’ve forgotten now.

Happy #Free48 guys! Go out and make it memorable. Hugs from me and the bugs!


18 thoughts on “Earwhat?! #SoCS

  1. I won’t lie, that first image is freaky as hell. But now I have a great suggestion for a song to erase my own earworms (still stumbling over that phrase) and that’s a plus.


      1. Yes. We cut the cord on canle and get only the special channels through the device we purchased. Many of them play all the old classics, even game shows. Light TV plays funny, quirky and inspirational shows. That is where Flipper is. Quest is science and strange stuff. We watch old MacMillan and Wife, Rockford Files, Flipper, I Dream of Jeannie. Bewitched, old western movies. I wish t would y old episodes of The Ghost amd Mrs Muir. 😍

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      2. We cut the cord on our satellite t.v. a few years back, and now have an Amazon fire stick, where we can get Netflix, Amazon video, and other things, though we watch so very little television that it wouldn’t pay to subscribe to anything more. We haven’t missed the satellite at all, nor the $150 monthly bill! 😀


  2. Great #SoCS post. I didn’t realize there was a connection. So you hang up your apron at the bar and settle down to the prompt 😉

    Those are all frightening scenes, and I hope not to get any stuck in my head, especially the Dummy! My cure for ear, er, songs that are stuck in my head, is to sing them. Sorry for the people around me.

    Thanks for the mention, and thank you so much for being the bartender. I was trying to remember when you joined the staff. I thought it was the deviled eggs, but now I think it was the Jack & Diet Coke that put you behind the bar. In any case, your support has been much appreciated.

    Have a wonderful #Free48 !!!


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