I want to express my sincerest apologies to all train enthusiasts out there. My yesterday got away from me with a mere nod to one of my blogging friend’s favorite events of the year! So, Dan. I am very sorry, sir. I am behind my times.



I was making merry in my way yesterday, getting things done and feeling happy; and that is sufficient unto itself, as is said. As I sit here in my room, listening to the train that rolls by several times a day, I am thankful for such small pleasures. It is a bit sad that they are apparently not allowed to blow the whistle while traveling through this area, but the low rumbling of the cars on the rails is still most comforting to me as I wonder where she has been and where she is headed.

I am posting just a few of my most recent train photos, although I have so many over the years and not the time to peruse my archives.

I can only think of one person who aptly expresses my emotions when I see, hear or step aboard a train. Have a listen to Hank’s rendition as you look at my little collection.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This photo is cool because the man who took the photo said the train was pulling all engines and they were  all  running a once, making a thunderous sound. You can read about the city of Austell’s founder Alfred Austell, here.  




I will hopefully be posting separately for Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, I have fun plans for the day with one of my sons. I hope all of you find a way to honor the mother influences in your lives, both within and without.

Happy #Free48!


11 thoughts on “Lonesome/#NationalTrainDay

  1. Excellent post, great reference and clip, and great photos. No worries about being late, trains often suffer delays, but we still enjoy watching and hearing them roll on through. Thanks for helping to celebrate National Train Day. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


  2. Neat post! We could all use a new-and-improved Scrooge in our lives! Or better yet, to become him!

    Great train pics. I’ve always loved the sound of a train whistle. Sounds sad and lonely, but at the same time, sends out a promise of fun and adventure to come. Hank Williams was the perfect touch!

    Enjoy your special day with your son. That’s a win/win recipe for love and family.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


  3. At one of my husband’s family’s monthly get-togethers, they talked about one place they lived with a train passing their front door. One of the sisters said the sound of the train in the night was the most lonesome thing ever. And another one said she always loved to hear the train go by at night, because it comforted her to know there were people out there, going places, doing their jobs, living their lives — it was friendly. I loved that!


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