Old trains, Old Doors

I just made it in time for Norm’s Thursday Doors prompt! I hope you’ll pop over and see the doors we found on our Savannah trip while living in Georgia. There is likely a post about it in this space as well, if you are of a mind to go exploring here on Dreaming Reality.

If not, pop over to check out the cool doors we found at the train museum. See you over there!

Doors and More!


When we went in search of breakfast on our recent trip to Chattanooga, we thought we hit the jackpot at Puckett’s, a local bar and grill venue with a lot of history and a tasty breakfast. Conveninetly located within an easy walking distance of our hotel and just across from the Tennessee Aquarium, it seemed the perfect stop on our way to see what the Aquarium had to offer.


The main doors were oddly unremarkable, although nice. The restaurant name is plainly visible on the huge awning that spans the length of the buiding but there was no sign on the door or near the door. The only indication we made it to the right place was a printed door mat as you step inside the front doors.

But look at that breakfast! Simple but yummy. And the biscuit tasted even better than it looks. I loved the mug so much we had to snag one for home. Of course we paid for it, silly. 🙄

I only wished we had more time to return for an evening  meal when there was live music, but maybe next visit. The inside is appealing, open and warm-a lot like Cheers!


It wasn’t until I needed to visit the ladies’ room before we headed to the Aquarium that I found them! All in the ladies’ room. 🙊🙈

From the main door…


to the stall doors, which were so cool…

I was tickled to find such a treasure trove of doors.  Then in the hall was a cache of train memorabilia that was the icing on the cake.


This time train memorabilia, next time  real train experience!

This post is brought to you as part of our host Norm Frampton’s weekly doorscursion event, where participants post about doors they have seen, photographed, sketched…any doors. You can make a beeline over to his blog and get the schedule and itinerary for this event.

PS..tomorrow is Fridaaaay!!!

Beauty and the Beast/#SoCs #Free48


‘T’ is for terror! 😱
‘Tee’ hee is for glee


This world is quite maddening.

think I’ll go have some tea.

WOW! Look at this bee…..



My favorite macro shot from yesterday. Have a safe, peaceful and happy #free48 and do visit Linda Hill’s blog for other great posts and the prompt for today’s #SoCS post! Oh! ‘T’ is also for Train and you can find all you want to know about them here on Dan’s blog. He should have a separate category for it. 😉


The Messengers/#Free48

Today was such a beautiful day I had the urge to get out and explore, take photos and just get lost in history.  At first I thought of a church tour but there are just too many here.  The Georgia skyline is literally dotted with steeples. So, I began checking historic churches, which led to historic buildings, then narrowing it down to nearby cities and finally I hit a winner.




This visit was not about patriotism or politics but about my love of cemeteries.  There is so much history written on grave stones and in the case today, much more that was left unsaid on the unmarked stones of the soldiers who fell in the battles around the cemetery.  So many were never identified and lay in graves there, acknowledged in the only way humanly possible without the  modern science techniques we use today.

Another thing that I love to see when I visit a cemetery is the birds that live there, so often lighting on the head stones and posing there or squawking until I take a photo. Many indigenous peoples have beliefs that include birds being messengers from the Spirit world. I like to feel this is true.  If it is, then there were a lot of messages coming at me today.  Here are the best of the images I got while we walked around.



If you hold your finger on the bottom of the photo you may find a caption!

It was getting late, so we headed over to the second stop on our excursion.  This one should catch your eye, Dan. I think it was your kind of place.  😉




I have more photos but not enough time to edit and put them in this post. I also feel this might be one of the best put together museums that I have ever visited.  It truly warrants its own post when I have the chance.  Meanwhile, here are a few of the highlights.  If you are ever in Kennesaw, and if you love trains or history, be sure to stop by.



Then we were hungry so headed in search of food. We found a new little place called The Nest and grabbed some cold beer and Barbecue.  I had mine in tacos.  I hope your Free48 was beautiful.  Got a busy week ahead so you may not hear from me for a bit.  Have a great week and stay cool, in all ways. 😎



I want to express my sincerest apologies to all train enthusiasts out there. My yesterday got away from me with a mere nod to one of my blogging friend’s favorite events of the year! So, Dan. I am very sorry, sir. I am behind my times.



I was making merry in my way yesterday, getting things done and feeling happy; and that is sufficient unto itself, as is said. As I sit here in my room, listening to the train that rolls by several times a day, I am thankful for such small pleasures. It is a bit sad that they are apparently not allowed to blow the whistle while traveling through this area, but the low rumbling of the cars on the rails is still most comforting to me as I wonder where she has been and where she is headed.

I am posting just a few of my most recent train photos, although I have so many over the years and not the time to peruse my archives.

I can only think of one person who aptly expresses my emotions when I see, hear or step aboard a train. Have a listen to Hank’s rendition as you look at my little collection.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This photo is cool because the man who took the photo said the train was pulling all engines and they were  all  running a once, making a thunderous sound. You can read about the city of Austell’s founder Alfred Austell, here.  




I will hopefully be posting separately for Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, I have fun plans for the day with one of my sons. I hope all of you find a way to honor the mother influences in your lives, both within and without.

Happy #Free48!


Mellow Free 48/#Thursdaydoors

Hi guys,

I have been a bit absent this week but wanted to share some of my last Free 48 with you and make this a kind of combo post.

Last weekend we made our outing a quest for one of my favorite doughnuts, those tasty treats our reps bring in on Fridays that I can never say no to. NEVER. EVER.  It was a gorgeous Sunday for a drive. Sadly, we got our wires crossed about the hours for that location and it was closed. 😩

It was then closer to brunch than breakfast, so we were off in search of an alternative means to soothe our growling stomachs. The architecture in the area was really amazing and we spotted one little interesting shop after another until my eyes fell on this place!



“I want to eat there!” It was a declaration more than a suggestion.

We had to circle back around a labyrinth of a block to get there but we finally did. As many places as we have lived and visited that has this pizza chain, I never had the chance to eat at the Mellow Mushroom. Of course I took photos of the doors I found and so many other little ‘cutesies’ inside.


The main door to the magical mushroom tour
The restrooms were labeled ‘mels’ and ‘femels’
Now you know who would love this train, don’t you? 😉
This is my first contribution in honor of National Train Day ..and how about that cool VW bus?
I can see where kids would love so many things about this place!


While I still think I make the best pizza in town in my own kitchen, this was pretty good. The Options were fresh and tasty, and we could even do ‘halvesies’….What??

Do you want to see it? 😀



Can you guess which half was mine?

And the ‘coup de gras?’

As we drove back out of town I spotted a real tourist attraction and we were suddenly transported across the ocean to Paris, France!




Well, I guess it’s the closest this gal will likely ever get to the real thing. I thought this replica was way cool, just nestled in a semi hidden eclectic little shopping center right off the main road. I only happened to catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye or might have missed it altogether.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

The rest of the Free 48 was pretty quiet. How was yours? I hope you all have a beautiful Mother’s Day and brand new Free 48.

Oh, and I do have one more door for you before I say goodnight. This one always catches my attention. It is in one of our office locations. Does it remind you of anything……🙈



Redrum, redrum, redroom…..


Sweet dreams peeps! 😱

Happy  National Train Day, Dan!



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