Running Late With Free 48

I guess that must mean it has been a good 48 hours!  Plus.  Well, it has.  Although the weather has kept us tap dancing between sun/no sun and the occasional misting rain, we managed to get out for a few mini adventures. I didn’t want to leave the fun behind without sharing it with you, my good friends.  I hope wherever you are, you are finally feeling the gentle nudge of Spring and have been able to get out for a bit of fun and some sunshine.  For many of you I hope that sun does a dandy job of melting ice and snow!


On good weeks my Free 48 starts on Friday afternoon and last week was no exception.  We normally like to do something fun then since many people are still at work and there is less crowding as well as traffic.  It was on my Free 48 wish list to see the new hit film Ready Player One. This film is based on the best selling book by Ernest Cline.  It is a great film for both young and old, especially if you left part of your heart or your boogie shoes in the 80’s.  Filled with pop culture references and based on the best loved video games of that era, this movie is action packed and good for the entire family.  I am currently reading his second book Armada. I knew it would be action packed so suggested we go for the 3D theater which I never do normally and we did not regret it.  The AMC venue had full reclining seats with completely separated aisles.  That translates to ‘better-than-at-home comfort and no one to kick our seats.  They were motorized and the temperature and volume were absolutely perfect too.  I would recommend it to anyone.  An extra bonus was that the entire film was in 3D so no taking the glasses off and on.



That was just the beginning.  We knew we were hungry but our first stop at Copeland’s was a bust.  When we asked to sit in the bar they put us at the table right by the steps in the direct path of all traffic.  There were other tables open but still they sat us there.  After a few minutes we got up and left.  Know what they said over our shoulders?  “Thank you for coming in!”  WTH? New age service….

So we headed to The Battery where we were ignored or treated with ho hum attitude in three more restaurants before going into the newly opened Punch Bowl Social.  The venue is pretty incredible and the ideas behind what the owner is doing are noble.  There are three bars, all kinds of fun stuff including a mini bowling alley, pool tables, fooseball, ping pong, and giant scrabble.  There is a nice patio upstairs as well.  BUT….the prices were ridiculous and the food fell short in a few ways.  They are trying some eclectic and healthy selections but the portions were too small for the money.  My Old Fashioned was awesome but hubby’s drinks were not worth the extra money and the beer selection was limited although they did have some local craft brews.  I can’t say it will be a regular hang like Wahlburgers has become.  Well…see for yourself.




That wrapped up our regular week.  Sleeping in Saturday morning was nice since we knew it was due to rain and be cold all day. I planned to do some jewelry work and we did get out to Michael’s for some supplies.  Oh. And I made some gnarly waffles for our brunch.  😊

Waffles and bacon……
New piece
My most recent collection


On to Sunday.  I really wanted an outing but the destination I hoped for was closed today so we headed back up to the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park. We didn’t get to hike and there were so many people but I did get out in the old section we visited before to get a few shots.  The area is so amazing.  We enjoyed the drive as well.  After that we treated ourselves to dinner at the Marietta Diner.  It is always such an experience.  Good food for the money and seriously great service.  The dessert deserves a restaurant all its own….




What’s left?  My dear lovelies in the yard are knocking themselves out in spite of the chill. The Rhododendron is on fire with color.  And I will leave you with these.  I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend and that your week is brilliant.  Hang in there guys….



10 thoughts on “Running Late With Free 48

  1. Cheryl you deserved a wonderful weekend! I think I have to write a blog about how services have changed. A restaurant used to value customers, now they just want the money. There is no pride.


    1. I agree. I think several things are to blame. First of all, those working in them have no investment, nothing to lose. They get paid just for showing up. They don’t make much to begin with so. Otivation is low. Everyone is pressured to leave tips no matter what kind of service you get so there is no drive to excel. Owners and mature management is absent. Small mom and pop operations still know the value of customer service but they are being squeezed out by the big players. Such a shame.


  2. That tree looks kinda like a Crape Myrtle. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous.

    You guys sure had a jam-packed 48FREE. I’m exhausted just reading about it. That’s some movie theatre. How’d you keep from falling asleep in those recliners?! Glad you walked out on those inhospitable eateries. Perhaps an apt response to “Thanks for coming” would be, “Thanks for nothing”.

    Your beadwork is just beautiful Cheryl. You may have discovered a side-line business you can do from home. Or perhaps writing restaurant reviews!! Lol.

    No spring here yet. Bright sun, no warmth. 😥


    1. Haha! Thanks Ginger. Nice retort. I think hibs might have saud that under his breath. I can’t let him off the leash though or there might be blood. 🙊I keep hoping someone will offr me that traveling photography food criticagazine columnist’s job. Sigh. Meanwhile bacm in reality. Under the Cherry Tree. Yes! Hubby looked it up and found it is a type of cherry tree. Just gorgeous. Happy week to you!


  3. I think you got your 48-hours worth! Great times, good food, a couple of good brews and some beautiful pictures to share. Good to see hubs getting into a photo (don’t ask, the reciprocal photo is not likely to get posted).


  4. What a lovely weekend, Cheryl! You certainly used the time well at the movies, in the park and being foodies. Your photos are making me hungry at the moment. Could you make me one of those waffles? 😉

    Have a wonderful week!


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