Finding Food #1LinerWednesday


“Hey, a guy’s gotta’ eat!”

During the time we lived in Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to observe and photograph so many beautiful and interesting animals and insects. During our own Spring here in the US, they are going through the hot, humid season that precedes the rainy months in CR, when things are washed down and made ready for the renewal that comes for them during our cold Winter months. During this hot time the natural fruits and vegetation that many of the animals feed on becomes very sparse. They get really resourceful in order to survive. This Capuchin monkey was using a piece of bark shredded from a cut tree to dig around inside for the termite delicacy he dined on. A lot of work for a small reward. We could learn a lot by looking more closely at this world’s original inahbitants.

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7 thoughts on “Finding Food #1LinerWednesday

  1. The part about so much energy for so little reward is remarkable. I watch the hummingbirds fight over the nectar. The feeder has more than enough portals for every hummer in my yard, yet they will duke it out ferociously – clearly using up vital resources to do so. A life lesson there.


  2. I am always amazed at the way animals will “use tools” to get the food they need. It’s also amazing to see how hard they work with their mouths. I shared a video a couple years ago with a chipmunk moving all kinds of dirt out of his hole, with his little paws and his face!


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