They All Axed For You/#SoCS

No, we weren’t at the Audubon Zoo. As a side note, I have never been to that zoo, though I  have observed it from the park that runs beside it. And I have visited many amazing zoos as well.

Anyway, when I saw Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt I could think of no better way to get the job done than straight forward and to the point.

With a little help from my new aquarium friends…




Mr Fish was quite abash

at the brazen, frank and brash

exhibition and fruition

of Mr Turtle’s non-contrition

as he dug with great ambition

for delights beneath the rocks!



While the Butterfly brigade

nibbling grapes and marmalade,

enjoying such a bash

nary batting an eyelash

at what happened in the deep

for their eating led to sleep

and sweet dreams.



Beware! Dear winged creatures

for the horrifying feature

in the land of swampy things

from Louisiana brings

Mr Gator, with his hypnotizing eyes

and he will grow to such a size

he could crush you in his jaws

as he strokes you with his claws.

In the land of Jambalaya

Mr Gator must beware

lest someone come and bash him

making him the evening’s fare.

Fried, boiled, stewed

over rice.

Contemplating an escape?

perhaps you should

think twice!


And if you’re thirsty, toddle on over to the bar for some wings and beer with Dan and his buddy But watch out. I hear the bartender might bite if you don’t leave a tip. 😉


10 thoughts on “They All Axed For You/#SoCS

  1. Oh how I laughed, Cheryl! What a delight your post is and those pictures …. how on earth did you get them to move like that? I’ve never seen anything like that! Now mind you I don’t keep up with the latest gadgets and such, so knowing that … how did you? LOVED this post!!!


    1. Haha. I’m so glad I could give you a laugh, Amy. Most phones have a setting in the camera for “live” mode. It captures the image but also a second or two of video. In certain instances it is fun to use that for an “animated” photo. They give you a few options like looping the motion, long exposure or bounce, which is my favorite. It can make for humorous mini videos and images are easily added to my photo gallery for posts. Again, I’m so glad you liked it. 😀

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    1. Hi Amy! Those are baby alligators. A croc has a very long, more pointed snout while a gator’s is wider and flatter, giving them the appearance of grinning. Croc eyes are empty looking while gators are more mischievious. Gators are green, live in fresh waters and swamps in warm clinates. Crocs tend to be gray and are not really native to the US but likely a few live in Florida along with all the other illegally contrabanded exotics that have been unwittingly released by idiots or have escaped on their own. 😏

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  2. This was a fun read, Cheryl. I like the photos you chose. Mr. Gator should stay in the south with SL the other things that taste like chicken, if he doesn’t want to get bashed. Thanks got the shout. I’ll be at the bar later today, conducting research, don’t ya know.


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