Pardon Me Boy…



Well, we never saw the Chattanooga Choo Choo. In fact we didn’t even get to the train “museum” on our recent visit to the lovely little city of Chattanooga, for online research revealed the museum was not your typical garden variety museum. No, it is only a participatory museum, meaning that if you aren’t prepared to pay for one of the scheduled train journeys, you will be missing the history lesson.

I will admit the various train adventures look fun, but I was disappointed there was no museum, historically, to speak of. But…I digress.

If you want to schedule a rolling tour or just a really fun day of seeing some of the beautiful countryside, see the schedules and details Here

We did, however, find a great hotel room with a terrific view of downtown Chattanooga with easy access to the venues there, including everything from the AT&T stadium to the Tennessee Aquarium and much more.

The first thing we did was to drop off our bags and go out for food. We weren’t disappointed choosing Big River Grille and Brewing Pub. The menu is quite extensive, which can be a caution signal in many cases; but in this instance both of us were very pleased with our choices. Hubby loved his Mango Habanero Chicken, and I finally found a pizza I could sink my teeth into. The craft beers were great and well worth the very reasonable prices. We would definitely recommend this restaurant and hope to return there on our next trip.






And then there was coffee and dessert. The ‘short walk’ turned out to be a bit farther than we thought, braced against a 30 degree temperature with intermittent drizzle; but Rembrandt’s was the most recommended coffee house in the area,  so we did our part as brave tourists and made the uphill climb to the Bluff Art District to check it out. Except for mediocre service, we loved the place. The coffee and Hubby’s eclair were really good. We were so ready for something hot once we finally made it. On the way up we stopped to walk onto the infamous walking bridge. It has a sad history causing many Chattanooga residents to avoid it altogether, but the view is beautiful.



Mocha cafe and a walnut brownie were my choices. Above top photo is hubby’s Chocolate Chocolate eclair.

We actually spent the rest of our evening curled up in the room, warm and cozy, enjoying the view and staying dry. My original hope was to get to Lookout Mountain/Ruby Falls or to Rock City on the way home.

Sadly, the sun on Monday arrived late, leaving things damp and cold still, so we settled on a visit to the Aquarium, just across the street from our hotel. First, though, we went in search of breakfast. That led us to a nice venue called Pucket’s, a bar and grill that, when not serving up dinner and music, makes a pretty decent breakfast and nice cup of coffee. We loved the coffee cup so much we had to buy one to bring home!  The restaurant has a train theme and great doors, so look out Thursday, here I come!




It was defenitely tasty!

And I found a buddy outside the Mellow Mushroom on our walk.




Okay, okay, the main event! The Tennessee Aquarium, though not as extensive as one might think, was well put together, with a friendly staff and all the habitats very beautiful and well kept. I particularly liked that the local freshwater wildlife was well represented. My favorites? Oh, besides the turtles, of course! The butterfly garden and the penguins are wonderful! So adorable. Here are a few shots from our visit.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Why do I feel I’m just getting nowhere?



Oh dear, maybe we should have spiffed up for guests..


Hellooooo….wanna come in for a little swim?

I also wanted to visit the Hunter museum but it was just a bit late for the three building adventure. Maybe next time.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed the beautiful sculptures that are in front of the museum which is located high above the Tennessee River and houses works from key American artists. I’m already eager to go back! Thanks Chattanooga!





This? Oh just a gratuitous crane (of sorts) for my friend Dan.  Happy Wednesday!



24 thoughts on “Pardon Me Boy…

  1. I’ve been to Ruby Falls/Lookout Mountain AND Rock City, but not to any of the cool places you went! I have little memory of the Falls/Mountain, other than a long elevator ride, but Rock City turned out to be a beautiful set of gardens I still remember being charmed by. Your breakfast looks scrumptious! Go grits! Yum!


      1. I will have to tell Dan – once you search for backhoe all my adds have turned to heavy construction equipment. Hmmm I wonder what construction crane will do ? !


  2. Nice, Cheryl! I was able to ride the Chattanooga Choo Choo many moons ago on an organized Harley ride. We didn’t go far and it wasn’t anything exciting, but at least I have the claim.

    My tummy started growling as I scrolled through the food photos. The salad I will eat for supper is going to pale in comparison.


    1. Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual tour Mary. I’m teady to go back and try more food. We’d like to try one of the train rides, maybe a couple hour ride. And definitely back to see Ruby Falls.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha. Dan does love his cranes! Me? I love the animals. Even with the lousy weather it looks like a lovely town.


  4. Thanks for the tour. We’re those grits I saw with breakfast? That might be the only thing I would pass on. I certainly wouldn’t pass the chocolate chocolate eclair. Thank for including the heavy equipment.

    I’m glad you guys had a nice getaway and it seems within easy reach. Lovely photos!


    1. Thanks Dan. Yes, I wasn’t going to mention it but they were grits. A lot less ‘gritty’ than I like, very creamy. But they tatsed good. I didn’t use my real cameta much for this excursionbut the photos I took worked out ok. We will definitely make another visit when it warms up.

      Liked by 1 person

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