Threads #Photography



Elusive, ephemeral..




The tease

oh please!

By heaven’s grace

let me see your face!




My soul and yours…

We glow in night’s embrace,

but disappear without a trace

when the sun shows Its face-

too soon forgotten.


Life’s moments,

like dewdrops


to silken webs-

iridescent pearls,

the Spinner’s homage to

Mother Nature-





CKP Copyright words and images 2019

The Super Moon was gorgeous but with the rain clouds, the light kept shifting, making it nearly impossible to get the shot I wanted. These were the best she would allow.







21 thoughts on “Threads #Photography

    1. Thanks Shelley. Even my ‘good’ camera never captures it like my old Sony used to. It was a perfect little camera but just didn’t have a proper zoom and I take so many long distance nature and macro shots.i still have not mastered the manual settings on this one for night photography. Perhaps someday…

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      1. It’s great to have a camera that we love that keeps encouraging us to keep trying to get that awesome shot. You’re well on your way to that someday shot! But, as every photographer says, there’s always another shot to take! xx


    1. I was so disappointed I couldn’t get what I was actually seeing. The dark and light shadows kept fooling the aperture and I was manually adjusting as fast as I could. She all but disappeared for the next two nights. We have had nothing but rain and fog.

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