Affirmative, Captain #SoCS

We need to get this straight. I will affirm here and now that I have felt less than inspired in the last week. I’m working on the novel-still…maybe forever..but really loving the progress. It is just not something one can easily do at the end of a work day or week, popping from pragmatic, ordered thinking into fanatstical dreaming reality.

Affirmative, Captain.

I mean I usually can, but lately the world has just felt so…heavy. I affirm I am not a fan of old Man Winter. And I love men in general. Just not sadistsic, self indulgent, harsh and cold troublemaking men. Just why Mother Nature has him in her circle is beyond me. But then, taste in friends is always quite subjective isn’t it? It takes all kinds of people to make a world. If we were all alike we would either be hugely bored or constantly fighting ourselves.


I affirm that life is wearying at times, and when I was younger I held older people in the highest regard, seeking their wisdom, understanding and encouragement. For the most part I am exposed to situations in which older people are viewed and treated as outdated, stupid or at best uninformed, and gulity of some heinous crime of destruction that most of them are completely unaware. Perhaps the crime is just being older than 30. I thank God each day my children are not this way.


When I was in the Christian church growing up, we were taught to always put yourself in others’ shoes, to empathize and express compassion. There was a humbleness in being a child of God. I suppose there has always been a double edged sword aspect to religion..any of them, just as there is duality of spirit within each of us. I just know that I would rather stand quietly alone, with my hand in His, than stand with a mob of angry, accusatory, self righteous finger pointers whose main goal is to be the best, the biggest and the chosen. Since when did being a Christian become a popularity contest?

I affirm that God’s greatest gifts exist all around us, that peace can be found in the tiniest miracle of life, that entertainment is free in Mother Nature if you just take a moment to breathe and to feel her presence. Soul healing does not exist in a book or a prayer. It is in your own hands, the ones given to you in this life. Perhaps we should stop shouting, ”God, save us!”


Maybe it’s time to whisper, “God help us to save ourselves.” We have to stop making our own messes then blaming everyone else for them,  which includes..

No, honey, the devil did not make you do it. We all have a choice and the light and dark exists in every one of us.


affirm that when I love someone it is forever, even if you choose to cast me aside. Anyone who has ever found a place in my heart will remain there forever, and my family means more to me than anything. If they hurt, I hurt. When they are in pain, it is mine. When they are happy, my world is perfect. I know no other way.

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I love the friends I have made here, in this magical realm of blogging, where like minds can meet and feel less alone, share ideas and laughs. We all do such a wonderful job of encouraging, lifting one another up and being there. Thank you to any and all who have done this for me. And if you feel like a beer check out Dan’s frozen corner of the world. Now, he has some Winter tales…

I affirm that I am ready for Spring, budding flowers, buzzing insects and balmy breezes. Meanwhile, we can always fact I must insist that you dream with me, or we might not see her face again!


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What do you see when you step outside?


Thanks to Linda Hill and her #SoCS prompt, ‘affirm’.


18 thoughts on “Affirmative, Captain #SoCS

  1. Cheryl – thank you so much for this beautiful message. Love is indeed forever, people of all ages have value, and the spring will come after we have waited enough 🙂 xx


  2. Cheryl, you bring to our attention some very powerful concepts! I thank you for the courage it took to write this for it really IS Truth regarding every single “issue” you brought to us. Yes we all have choices and no one is to blame for what we do except for ourselves. As for aging …. I was aghast when I turned 50 many “professional” people began to treat me as if I no longer had a brain in my head. I was shocked! Since that time I have made it very clear that yes I do still have a brain, and most importantly I can and do think for myself. How we treat as a whole our elderly in this country is terrible. Great post!! Hang in there …. it is now February. Spring will be here before you know it!! (((HUGS)))!! 💞


    1. Thanks so much Amy. I do miss my little birds. While I do acknowledge that there is (and always has been) a segment of the senior population that has allowed their gray matter to go to mush voluntarily, allowing their wishes to be expressed by whomever has the strongest voice, I am not one of them. My mind and thought processes work more clearly now than when they were influenced by romantic need, lust and the drive to get to some imagined peak of success. Just because I don’t instantly know how to navigate an upgrade to one of the many computer systems that have now become the standard by which we guage intelligent capability does not mean I am incapable of doing the same job I have done for ober 30 years. In fact I do it as quickly and more efficiently in many cases than those one third my age. For one thing I actually care about the work I am doing. I am not just waiting for the next whole in time so I can check the messages on my phone. My parents taught me about work ethics, being good at a job whatever that job is. And it was for personal satisfaction and not just kudos or a raise. I gave up on that idea long ago. Things are slowly unraveling because the idea of impeccability is fading along with our heirloom photographs. They can dust off Grandma’s winning pie recipe, but when they repost it online and leave out key ingredients, I have to wonder just how that perfect pie in the photo was actually made. Sorry. I am feeling cynical this week. But I am always hopeful. Your encouraging words and beautiful photography are such bright spots! Hugs Amy. Thanks!

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      1. I’m like you, Cheryl. I refuse to let my mind go. I also know that exercise to increase lung capacity i.e. power walking greatly enhances the brain clarity. The better you oxygenate your body, the healthier you are and youth is maintained, to a certain degree. Those who think because I have grey and wrinkles that my brain died due to “age” have another thing coming. I keep saying to my husband there is barely any pride in what anyone does anymore, no once cares about anything, and there is no quality control anymore. You have no idea how hard both of us have to stand up for what is right all because no one cares about slipshod work. I will not let go that I do my very best with everything I do and that yes damn it I care a lot about what I do. If those of us live by example to show those who don’t even know what quality is because they were never exposed to it, then perhaps they will start to see the truth and change. I just won’t go down with the sinking ship. HUGS back to you!!


  3. I affirm that the caffeine has stopped working. And that is fortunate because I was on a Princess Bride rhyming theme. Does anybody have a peanut… allergy ? Allegory ? Ailementry ? Nice affirmation on your part….


  4. Although I worry about people who have to drive — and LIVE — out in the weather, every freezing cold day/night makes me smile and think dreamily, “The ticks are dying. No mosquitoes in winter. Ah, are there gnats trying to fly into my eyes?–Why, no, there are not!” I know insects are an important part of the food chain, but I’m just as happy for a season that suppresses them naturally.


  5. Thanks for the shout, and for the very wise words. You may have provided the missing piece to puzzling blog post I have tried three times to write. Enjoy the good things in your life. They will carry you through all that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter can throw at you. Your spirit can’t be stopped!


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