Quiet Christmas Moments

The National Battleground was closed on Christmas Day so we stopped by the Cemetery. I’m sure it wasn’t everyone’s idea of a fun way to spend Christmas afternoon. But we’d had lots of fun for a week. A visit to any cemetery with a long past history is always a treat for me. I wonder where we will end up next year…..

The cemetery is filled with unmarked graves of Civil War soldiers
Sometimes I am drawn to the epitephs, others just the sheer age of the grave
This tree looks like it found a place to die..
It’s just like a stone neighborhood
I had fun using my new photo editor on this one
Damn, it’s cold..
Somehow I feel I’m the only one enjoying this side trip. 😏

If you would like to know more about this cemetery visit the Here,

10 thoughts on “Quiet Christmas Moments

  1. In some way the aging of grave stones reminds me of the aging of trees. So I am not completely at a loss when my wife suggests we investigate/wander what ever cemetery we are near. Though given a choice I would most likely opt for wandering the woods. Now I need to go do a thorough internet search and stop Cortana from coming back from that deep dark entombment next to the dark lord. Thanks Cheryl.


  2. I remember a hot summer day when I was little, when my mother and her friend and her friend’s little girl and I went on a road trip to Bardstown. The grownups bought a beer each at the grocery, and then realized they didn’t have anywhere private to drink them. So guess where we parked, while they enjoyed a refreshing adult beverage?


  3. I always enjoye walking through old cemeteries. I don’t know about doing it on Christmas, but if I was passing by, maybe. I do like looking at the markers, but it’s sometimes sad to see how young people were when they died.


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