Art Matters/#SoCS

When I saw the SoCS JusJoJan prompt for today I was nearly giddy with excitement. Finally something easy. But, wait, what kind of art to post about.

You see, I am kind of an art ADHD, in that I am not committed to one thing. I am sort of an artsy Jane-of-All-Trades and perhaps Master-of-None. I love creating but am constantly moving from project to project. It isn’t that I get bored. I just feel maybe I should move on or that time is wasting. I haven’t figured out yet what this semi-neurosis stems from but will keep you posted should I work it out. Maybe it will come to me in a dream. Many of my dilemmas are worked out during dreams.

Meanwhile, what to choose…so difficult! Since I am currently working as feverishly as I can on my Dawn of the Dream novel I think I’ll post a snippet. And maybe a photo or two of projects. I hope you enjoy them.

No matter what, I hope you find your own artistic outlet. Don’t even try to say it to me. Everyone has an artistic vein. It just takes something special to pull it out of us sometimes. Just ask anyone who has done a Cork and Canvas class. 😉

Okay, from the journals of my mind wanderings which will hopefully cohese into a novel. Someday….

from Dawn of the Dream…

Inside the Sorceress’s hut, the Hunter and Ella were not thinking of sleep. It was awkward, so long since either had known passion; and Ella tentatively worked at conversation. “Eolas, do you think Saol is comfortable in the cave, without..” Eolas put his finger to her lips and pulled her close to him.

“There is no need to worry about Saol. She is well cared for. Now, there is only us and we have so little time.” The Hunter took a deep breath, as though inflating his courage. The smell of lavender wafted across the room like a breeze. In times past this would have given him pause for sorrow; but in that moment, he felt comforted. It was as though Eagna was reassuring him.

‘Live, my love. Show our daughter what love can be.’

Eolas wasn’t sure exactly what the journey would bring; but he knew in that moment, for the first time since his world crumbled, he felt an almost overwhelming desire to love again. Ella pulled his hand from her mouth and slid it down to her breast. “I know we have both been here before, but I feel so…” Eolas silenced her again, but this time with his lips. There were no more words as they recalled the fire and desire of physical union, making the most of the moments they had to share. Neither worried for the lost sleep or when the sun would rise-only that it rose on them lying together…..

To be continued..

A bit of sizzle for your Saturday. And hop over to the bar. Our buddy Dan is back on his feet and having a beer!

Here are a few more of my happy distractions…

Tap lightly on an image to see the caption. Happy #Free48 everyone! Be your creative, artistic self. Oh, and if you haven’t already, try to catch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Netflix. It’s fantastic!




22 thoughts on “Art Matters/#SoCS

  1. To be multi-talented is truly awesome, Cheryl. It saves one from getting bored. You’ve put some sparks of interest in my mind with your post as I realize certain aspects of myself. Keep going with your art and writing, for there you will find your Bliss. And that in turn brings such happiness to your Heart. Great post and I thank you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  2. I’ve been the same way all my life, trying to draw, paint, sculpt, play guitar, sing, act, write plays, play piano, rubber stamping, photography…
    I love them all, but I’ve mastered none. I’ve come to think of myself as an explorer.

    Your art is wonderful. I love your painting, jewelry…I did try that once. Jewelry making and it wasn’t good. I have stuff left I need to give to Baby Girl’s step-daughters. I bet they’ll make the beads sing! They’re artistic. One more thing to pack for my stay over at their house for the rest of the month and …for how long? Good thing I’m free! 😃

    SSSSSSZZZZZZ! That’s a smokin hot scene! Looking forward to the finished book. I like a romance to break up all the mystery/dramas, and sci-fi I read. A bit of poetry in between is nice too.


    1. Hi Deborah! I think jewelry making has been one of my favorite endeavors. It is as close to sculpting as I can get at this point. Sometimes when I paint, I want to throw out the brush and just use my fingers! The brush just seems like an interloper between my vision and the paper. 🙄I would love to see anything you have made. I’m sure the girls will love your hand-me-down supplies. I envy you the time to spend with your grandchild. Mine all live so far away. I get to see them once a year and we do Facetime but I think of all those Grandma moments we don’t have. I’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the book snippet. Funny but this one has most of the elements of all the genres you mentioned, so hopefully you will like the finished product. I have posted other bits and pieces before. Take care and thanks for reading and leaving me such a sweet comment.

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