Imagine Me #SoCS/#Poetry



Imagine me

not what you see-

naked, shivering, withered tree

still donning bits of finery.

My skin gone rough and graying

and the ground beneath decaying

where my roots are firmly planted

as my spine grows bent and slanted.


Close your eyes…

try to recall,

the kiss of Fall

so sweet he made us blush

and feel the golden rush

of girlish delight!




His nimble hands did thus caress,

so wild, untamed and wreckless

we danced, to light the sky!

‘What need for garments?’,

freedom urged

and thus, unfettered,

body purged

of wrappings,

those trappings

that tame the spirit,

fool the mind,

the eye…


the passersby shook their heads

and grinned instead of

placing blame,

”Oh what a shame,”

was all they said.

Such loveliness once on the trees

lay now in shreds around their knees.

Brazen beauties!




Remember me,

when thus you see

the gnarled skin-

what lies within

remains the same-


till Spring plants a kiss-

such bliss!


Then comes the blush,

yet now the hush

of naked truth

is cold and silent.


In Winter’s keep

doth does she sleep

with dancing dreams

of gold and green.

”Sweet May,”

yawns she,

“Imagine me.”




CKP copyright words and images 2018

Today’s #SoCS post brought to you through The magic of Linda Hill’s blog.

Today’s word prompt was ma. Use it alone or as part of a word manipulation. Extra points for beginning your post with it.

Visit Linda’s place for more great posts and prompts. I hope you join the fun! Happy #Free48 everyone. If you are thirsty, stop in at the bar and strike up a conversation with Dan. He’ll tell you what’s good on the menu and share some humor. Maybe. If you buy him a beer. 😉







34 thoughts on “Imagine Me #SoCS/#Poetry

  1. This is poetic excellence, Cheryl. Truly.

    I’m laughing at Dan who said he was late with his comment. Obviously, he didn’t know I’d finally visit you five days later. My bad…


  2. Beautiful words and lovely pictures! That tree you’re standing by at the end is HUGE!! Where is that? I don’t think I have ever been close to a tree that big. #Free48


      1. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Florida, check out the various park that have such old trees in them. There is actually a park near Lake Mary called Big Tree Park. The Senator and Lady Liberty live there. A few years back a crackhead burned out most of The Senator while on a binge in the middle of the night. She was wasted, needed light and lit a fire while sitting inside the tree. After it caught fire she didn’t try putting it out because it looked “cool”. 😔

        Liked by 1 person

      2. How awful! I can’t even imagine!! I’d love to get to FL one day and check out Big Tree Park. I think even the mister might enjoy that.


    1. Thanks so much John. I’m honored to be two for two with you. I read a lot of forced poetry which doesn’t resonate for me so I completely get it. Have a great weekend!


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