‘Unhealthy’ Happy Memories/# vintage food


That’s me and my Daddy. I remember that kitchen though we moved quite a few times. I still get nostalgic when I see linoleum. 😉

But such sweet memories. It all started with a conversation about a food addiction I had in high school. One day my parents went off to church, leaving me home not feeling well. I was old enough to open a can and heat something on the stove but didn’t care for many soups. Then along came this sweet old Italian man with a brilliant dream and a master advertising agent.


Perhaps it was that magical moment in time of being left alone, with a whole can of this cheesy pasta delight with no one to fight me for it. With a handful of Saltine Crackers on the side, I was in heaven-and hooked for an entire school year!

I have lots of these food memories, mostly times inspired by, and shared with, my Daddy. So I figured after I talked about it to hubby the other day that he would run into my old Italian chef at the grocery store and bring him  home for dinner. 😏

I think I’ll wait for a night when I’m really feeling the need for comfort. Then I may just eat the whole can. 🙊

And, speaking of food memories with my Dad, here are a few more. None of them is healthy but all of them are sweet. Thanks Daddy!


Oh my! Beef pot pie. Banquet was best because it had bottom crust too!



Best thing about Saturday mornings at least once a month! I could eat half a can at a time. Oh my..

Can’t find an image of the original Oscar Mayer garlic bologna roll. My Dad and I sat and he sliced it so we could eat with crackers and mustard. Yum.


I have no words and couldn’t bring myself to share an actual image of the product. As my hubby would say, “Just another version of lips and ears…”

(We ate it on bread over mayonnaise-open faced style!)

And there were a few things eaten in my house that I can barely talk about and certaintly did not partake of

Can you say “hog head cheese” or “Sardines”? Salted buttermilk?! 😱

Wait! I have to go brush my teeth now. Happy, healthy eating folks!

Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee! And my Daddy. 💕

13 thoughts on “‘Unhealthy’ Happy Memories/# vintage food

  1. I remember these! I loved those cinnamon rolls, and pot pies, but I liked Spaghetti-O’s better, and deviled ham spread. Remember those little cans with the red and white label? Devil’s something.

    This was a fun trip down the old food memory lane.


    1. It’s funny how endless the list is. The 50’s and 60’s became all about ‘convenience’ foods. My husband brought home a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and I nearly choked looking at the ingredients. Lol


  2. We were more likely to have Franco-American, but I do remember food like this. Actually, I liked Spaghetti Os the best.

    The farm where we buy our milk and butter sells some food from another local farm. They have their own brand of pot pies. They have a similar look and shape (crust only on top) but they are much better than the ones we grew up eating. Still, I think it’s the nostalgic thrill of seeing the pie tin that makes it as good as it is.


  3. This has so many fond bad food memories for me as well, Cheryl – Swanson chicken dinners and pot pies, fried bologna sandwiches, Velveeta cheese…
    When mom and dad were still living independently, one of their stocked items was canned Chef Boyardee ravioli. They ate it like it was good for them. As I was already focused on eating healthier at the time, it made me wince. Then again, how unhealthy is this stuff when dad lives to 95 and mom is 99 and sitting upright?
    I love the photo of your dad, smiling with his baby girl. I imagine the bond between you both was strong and loving because how could it not be when you two shared “lips and ears” sandwiches. (Eww 😉


    1. OMG Mary. We used to have Killer Kimble Cholesterol Vein Clogger sandwiches. Fried bologna, fried egg, cheese and mayo between slices of ‘buttered before’ toast. (You know, buttered then toasted) yuuuum!!! But ouch!


      1. I try not to think of what I used to eat growing up or even as a young adult, but boyohboy those fried-in-butter bologna sandwiches on Wonder white bread were so nummy at th time. 😉


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