Don’t Give Up/#1LinerWednesday

In these past few weeks my will to continue this seriously flawed experiment called humanity has been tested. There have been moments when I have asked my Creator why I am here, feeling invisible, out of place and very much alone.

As usual, a visit to Mother Earth renews my Spirit for another week. I love the symphony of color, light and simple beauty that exists in every living, purportedly ‘unintelligent’ thing. Who needs words when you are surrounded by this?

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My one goal in life is to not leave it with regrets. You just have to choose your battles and learn to enjoy the dance in between. Just look at Nature for direction. She knows how to live. And die.





Guess I’ll ponder things awhile longer….

17 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up/#1LinerWednesday

  1. Cheryl, when my Mom died I went through such a dark phase that left me questioning why even bother to go on? I was literally torn to shreds having absolutely no idea how to pull the pieces together, that is what was left, and then to go on living. I turned to Mother and She and She alone put me back together until today I can feel JOY again and I feel alive again. Strong. Stronger then I ever have been. And something in me ripped away so that I can finally understand what true happiness is. I wish the very same for you!! (((HUGS)))!!!


    1. Thank you Amy, for your encouragement and support. I remember when your Mom passed. I’m so glad you worked your way through the difficult process. It took me better than ten years and I still often miss her. Such is the memory of sweet love and guidance for me.

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      1. Just don’t give up. I seriously didn’t think I was gonna pull out of that horrific dark. Something just finally gave … it was as though I had been under water almost to the point of dying when I broke through the surface, taking a huge deep breath of air. I cannot tell you what happened for I don’t even understand it. I really want you to remember me, a woman who didn’t think the despair and utter despondency would lead to deep healing. Hang on!! You matter and you are not invisible. You’ll be seen again …. it will happen for you too! 💞


      2. Thanks Amy. Thankfully those times re few and far between but they still visit me now and then and are so frsh and clear, like I really was not meant for this world. But I will xontinue on to do what I came here for and find the love and light along the way. Hugs and thanks for the encouraging words and love.

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  2. You are here because we need your voice. You are not invisible any more than a leaf on the wind. Those who can see, know who you are and those who cannot, need to.


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