Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Photography/#1LinerWeds

Being in Nature is the closest thing to worship that I can imagine.  In the presence of Creation I am humbled.  When I edited these photos, one of my Mom’s favorite hymns flashed through my mind.  And that is always my cue to listen.  I consider it her contribution to, and support of, my joy in capturing these moments of perfection.


What’s not to love about this face?
The pirate spider
Fluffy bliss
Like a pink pillow!




14 thoughts on “Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Photography/#1LinerWeds

  1. We’ve had so many crop dusters flying over our fields due to the Japanese Beetle invasion that we’ve only seen a handful of bees in our garden this year. I’m just so bummed about this!!


  2. I didn’t go on my walk today and I regret it. I had some time in the car where I listened to some podcasts but that is not the same. Thanks for sharing


    1. Hi Tammy. I’m sorry you missed your walk. I know how that is. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I am not often able to walk as much as I used to before we moved. But as long as I step outside in the back yard or awhile at some point of the evening, I can see so much that renews me. I even saw a hummingbird this afternoon! 👏🏻

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