28 thoughts on “See Me….

      1. We had a bumper pool table in our dorm lobby. Some of the bumpers were dead, so the girls had to work really hard to lose to their boyfriends (yes, this was back in THOSE days), because we knew which ones were dead and could use them for tricky shots.


    1. Hi Neal! So good to hear from you. Thanks for all the g+ likes as well. I hope things are good in your world. The moments in life make our world. Best to try to see the beauty in them as much as we can, right?


    1. The butterflies were magical that day. Yes, it was just taking off in an upward flight. Thanks! That was another magical day with my guys in Lincoln. Glad you enjoyed them Deborah.

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    1. Thanks Dan. I felt a rant coming on about the death of customer service in America but had no energy for it. I thought we needed some beautiful healing things instead. Happy Friday my hard working friend. 🙂

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      1. It is my way of overcoming the natural instinct to recognize the worst things in life. It’s like saying “Voldemort” and conjuring up the evil wizard. When you appreciate the small gifts, if seems like they just keep coming! 😊

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Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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