and I feel certain there must be an organ or two in there as well…



I snapped this shot of a single thread web strung between hydrangea branches as we headed out the front door.

And this character scurried across the windshield when we pulled out of the driveway…



Obviously making a fast getaway. I thought I caught a menacing glare as I took this photo. I hear there was an untimely accident involving windshield wipers and water….

The first photo and the next were taken using my nifty new little “cheap trick” gadget. I had seen this set of lenses for the cell phone before but always walked on by. I mean, cheap means cheap; and I have wasted more bucks on ‘almost real’ items before. This time I said, “Go for it,”and did. At $10.99 I thought it was worth the risk.

The set includes a macro lens, a wide angle lens and a fish eye lens. So far I love what the macro lens brings to the table. I already get really nice macro shots with my iphone, but this lens gives greater detail to those tiny bits and pieces. The wide angle lens is cool for selfies as it pushes the image back, allowing for a more natural look and more subjects to be included. The fish eye lens is, well, a fish eye. And there’s even a nifty little lint-magnet bag to carry them in! 😀

What do you think?


The Crape Myrtle blossom was lying on the hood of my vehicle.

Cool beans, huh?

What?…Where were we going? Well, one day I will share my recent ideas regarding the death of customer service in America; but let’s just say we tried a new burger venue that sent me a free birthday burger coupon. 🙄 Big mistake.

We ended up going to my very favorite burger IN the universe-#Wahlburgers. Always consistent, always fresh, friendly service-at the bar-and my tummy is always grateful. That’s #Wahlburgers boys and girls, in #thebattery in #Atlanta. You guys rock!


The entire menu looks great, but I have yet to branch out
I could dive right into this Spiked Cherry Coke!
Always perfection. The bacon and cheese…my tongue tingles just thinking about it.

I can think of no better way to start this #Free48 than with this meal and Linda Hill’s #SoCS promt, ORGAN.

I sure hope yours is filled with simple pleasures…

like an airshow. Be sure to check out Dan’s recent adventure at an air show.


22 thoughts on “Entrails/#SoCS

  1. Looks like your rockin the free48 🙂 the photos are great. If I make it outside of the airport in Atlanta, I know where I’m eating.

    Good to know the lens thingies can work (in the right hands). I’m still trying to figure out macros on my camera.


    1. So many choices-and the ones in the airport aren’t bad either! 😜Macro is an odd thing. There are closeups and macro. I’m still playing with what is a good macro subject. Good luck and have fun with your camera.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have both features in my camera but I don’t pay much attention to what’s what. I’m just trying to get the stupid thing to do what it says it can.


  2. If I can talk Mary into driving there, looks like a great place to eat. That area has always been a bit crazy, and with SunTrust Field there it could be downright nuts. Maybe we’ll wait until November…


    1. You should! Let me know when you do. Maybe we could all meet for burgers and beer. We usually go on my early off days or before the evening crowds. Unless it is a game night there is usually no problem. We keep the game schedule on the fridge. I would love to catch a game sometime though. Yardhouse is pretty good as well.


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