Mellow Free 48/#Thursdaydoors

Hi guys,

I have been a bit absent this week but wanted to share some of my last Free 48 with you and make this a kind of combo post.

Last weekend we made our outing a quest for one of my favorite doughnuts, those tasty treats our reps bring in on Fridays that I can never say no to. NEVER. EVER.  It was a gorgeous Sunday for a drive. Sadly, we got our wires crossed about the hours for that location and it was closed. 😩

It was then closer to brunch than breakfast, so we were off in search of an alternative means to soothe our growling stomachs. The architecture in the area was really amazing and we spotted one little interesting shop after another until my eyes fell on this place!



“I want to eat there!” It was a declaration more than a suggestion.

We had to circle back around a labyrinth of a block to get there but we finally did. As many places as we have lived and visited that has this pizza chain, I never had the chance to eat at the Mellow Mushroom. Of course I took photos of the doors I found and so many other little ‘cutesies’ inside.


The main door to the magical mushroom tour
The restrooms were labeled ‘mels’ and ‘femels’
Now you know who would love this train, don’t you? 😉
This is my first contribution in honor of National Train Day ..and how about that cool VW bus?
I can see where kids would love so many things about this place!


While I still think I make the best pizza in town in my own kitchen, this was pretty good. The Options were fresh and tasty, and we could even do ‘halvesies’….What??

Do you want to see it? 😀



Can you guess which half was mine?

And the ‘coup de gras?’

As we drove back out of town I spotted a real tourist attraction and we were suddenly transported across the ocean to Paris, France!




Well, I guess it’s the closest this gal will likely ever get to the real thing. I thought this replica was way cool, just nestled in a semi hidden eclectic little shopping center right off the main road. I only happened to catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye or might have missed it altogether.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

The rest of the Free 48 was pretty quiet. How was yours? I hope you all have a beautiful Mother’s Day and brand new Free 48.

Oh, and I do have one more door for you before I say goodnight. This one always catches my attention. It is in one of our office locations. Does it remind you of anything……🙈



Redrum, redrum, redroom…..


Sweet dreams peeps! 😱

Happy  National Train Day, Dan!



This post is brought to you by the Mellow Door Master Norm Frampton. Check out his place for a lot of great doors posts and post a link to your own there. Just give the little blue frog a tickle to be transported to the linky list.

20 thoughts on “Mellow Free 48/#Thursdaydoors

  1. I love the 70’s and that Love van was really fun to see, Cheryl. Flower power! 💮🏵️🌸
    My grandson has a “keeper” photo because my youngest daughter had taken him to Columbus, Ohio (Polaris Mall area) to Mellow Mushroom. They said their pizza was yummy. They had a giant Hulk sculpture! Yay! 💚
    That Eiffel tower was an excellent idea to add to this great doors post!


    1. Hi and thanks so much for leaving me a message. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and that it sparked some great memories. My sons would have loved this place when they were younger. 😊


  2. Somebody didn’t get a fully loaded half! I love mushrooms and black olives on my pizza I’d be right at home there. I LOVED that train, and you under the Eiffel Tower replica.

    Happy National Train Day, and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


    1. The pizza was good. So far, I know of one in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and Lincoln, NE. Mabe you will have a chance to try it sometime. Thanks for stopping by! Happy mother’s Day.


  3. Hah! The Mellow Mushroom looks like a great eatery for young and old alike! Love their bathroom signs….makes it worth the trip. 😂😂

    You couldn’t get me to eat mushrooms with a gun to my head. But I love all manner of craft mushroom objects. Go figure.

    That’s a great shot of you under the “Eiffel” Tower! Lol.

    So your initial disappointment turned into quite an adventure. Woohoo.

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Cheryl. 💐💕💐
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Thanks Ginger, and to you as well. As it happens, I live mushrooms but prefer to cook them fresh myself in butter and wine. It was a good adventure. 😊


  4. This is the perfect combo-combo-combo post, Cheryl. I love the door (the train for sure) and that pizza looks pretty good. It’s good to see you under the tower, enjoying part of that free48.

    Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you enjoy the weekend!


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