Too many hours, minutes, days and weeks
mark the passing of time between a life
with you in it and this one without any trace
of your face,
your smile so kind, my mind
has found a way to let go.
No more sorrow creeping,
seeping from my veins like
poisonous regret for all
the things unsaid-
instead I fled onto
another road leading
from the familiar.
Yet no road, no future,
pleasure or pain
can restrain a foolish heart’s
memory and hope as now
and then, once again
my heart whispers your name
and the longing the same
as, the wistful mists clear,
I feel you near, memory sweet.
I feel less alone,
like going home and understand
wherever I go, whatever I do,
remains the thought that leads back to you.



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone….keep dreaming.

CKP 2018
Copyright words and image


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