The PeaceWithin

Anyone who has ever followed my blog or knows me well understands my idea of peace. While I continue to envision and pray for universal peace, I know that true peace can only be found within each soul individually. Every one of us is responsible for finding that place which  we can retreat to for solace, comfort and the assurance that all will be well in our souls.


For those who accept the idea that our lives are guided by a higher power, Peace then comes in that knowledge and acceptance, each finding their own way of communion with Spirit. What name this guiding force is called matters not. If universal naming were important we would all be in trouble here.

What matters most is that every living thing find a common pulse, that place in which we all become one, even for a moment. Call it prayer, meditation, communion or simply quieting the mind from the constant chatter that we have come to know as commonplace in our lives.

The peace I find comes in the shade of the Creator’s Love, this beautiful spinning orb of rock, water, gases and cellular magnificence we call Earth..and home. I spent my Thanksgiving breathing, relaxing and being. I spent yesterday reveling in our home and its inhabitants. This is my church and these are my fellow worshippers. We are thankful for our breath and what each if us knows as perfection in life. The genuine moments of peace that sustain us through hardship and loss. These are the gifts, the treasure, the cool shade of a Love that knows no limit.

Snowy egret in Canaveral Seashore National Reserve
We take wing when fear consumes us. Or we trust in Spirit and wait
Can you hear them whispering?
I missed seeing my hawk friends so often



It is a good thing to find joy wherever you may be. It is another to be in a place where joy bombards you from all directions. For me that place is within the living world.

May you find a reason to be thankful in every day.

This post is brought to you by Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt.

If our walk made you thirsty, head on over to Dan’s place. They are serving up cold ones in spite of the impending snow predictions. 😉

15 thoughts on “The PeaceWithin

  1. You show us such peace in your photography, it is a blessing that you share. I share your love of the spirit here all around us if we are willing to look and to see.


  2. “I spent my Thanksgiving breathing, relaxing and being.”

    “. . . being.”

    I like that. The “being” part of the human being seem to have been forgotten. As somebody said (I forget who, sorry) we should now be called “human having” because we seem more focused on having than being. It goes so that it seems that without having we can’t be, which should not be the case.

    Thank you for reminding us to be. Just be. To enjoy being.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  3. Mom wanted “How Great Thou Art” played at her funeral and we complied with her wish. Every time I hear it, peace follows. Regarding to find a reason to be thankful in every day, challenge accepted. 😊


    1. Some days seem more challenging than others but we can do it. Thanks so much for sharing the story about your Mom, this was my own Mother’s favorite song to sing in the choir. She had a beautiful alto voice. Because she was not an ‘active member’ of the church she had joined in her neighborhood at the time during her illness, she was denied a church service. So no hymns were sung and he came to the funeral home to speak. Another nail in the religion coffin for me. But “ I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches… “🤗

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