Got Nuts?

Hey Lady, got any nuts?
Why yes, I do!

Come and get it!

Here ya go!
I got it!

This post is brought to you by Linda Hill’s SoCS prompt for today, “nuts”. Visit her blog page for the rules and link to other great posts!
And if you need a beer and some time talk , stop by Dan’s place. The bar is serving up some new appetizers!
These are older images that called for a revisit with today’s prompt. Happy #free48 everyone!

37 thoughts on “Got Nuts?

    1. Ha, well, yes, Amy. In Florida they were quite aggressive. In the park where this fellow lives I would be eating my lunch and they might jump up on the bench and table beside me even when I had nothing to offer.

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      1. They are very Pavlovian. Near populated areas where wildlife is fed often, they are less timid. Most of my Florida bird photos were shot within cities and often in parking lots. They are comfortable with their level of protection there. In heavily wooded areas with less human interaction and sometimes hunting is allowed, they will be more elusive. That’s my take on it from observing over our years of moving around.

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      1. If there ever were, they have all been killed or driven away as people clear land for roads, farms, and real estates. We have to go to the National Parks to see the animals.


      2. The cost of human progress is too much. Perhaps more effort should have been made in building human relationships. Good relationships between people always ends up being good for the environment. But the world leaders, who are in control of the earth’s resources, only seem to invest more and more in destroying people and creating divisions among them, denying people justice, etc, all of which end up leaving people feel disconnected, desperate, and alone. This is really bad for the environment. Somebody could set a forest on fire without a care, and if there is a 100,000-year old tree standing between him and some money, he will not hesitate even for a moment to cut it down. The world we live in now is bad for life itself.

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      3. I agree on all counts.I am certain many forest fires are no accidental but either deliberate (especially in this country’s political climate) or complete ignorance of potential disaster, ie cigarette butts, campfires, etc.

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