a state of rest, sleep or tranquility..

a state of resting after exertion or strain..

a place of rest…

peace, tranquility…

lack of activity…

cessation or absence of activity, movement, or animation..

to lie at rest, to lie dead, to remain still or concealed…

to take a rest, to rest for support…


What place is this, such promise be

where soul finds peace, tranquility?

Thus waits the cool and shadowy balm

that fills the troubled heart with calm.

Where time stands still, they lay their fears

and soft, the light will dry their tears.

Sweet rest, for hope doth thus suppose 

salvation found in sweet repose.

Cheryl KP

Copyright words and image 2019





12 thoughts on “Repose

  1. I watched a documentary about sharks. There is a place in the ocean where they go to be cleaned after they have eaten their fill. Some small fish clean their gills and teeth and mouth and skin, removing food fragments and dirt. The sharks lie their idly, in repose. They don’t eat the cleaners. They could but they don’t. The cleaners know this, and so they carry out their duties with courage and efficiency. Other large fish too go there to be cleaned. None of them eats the other. It is a wonder, indeed. I’m still awestruck.


      1. They have very fine instincts. I have thought that maybe the earth speaks to them. They listen to the vibrations. Somebody mentioned that fish usually get out of the way of the tsunamis. And most wild animals get away from the path of earthquakes. I would like instincts like that. Some people made a video of the life cycle of a certain moth. From the egg all the way back to the adult. It is one of the most beautiful videos I have seen. In pursuing earthly wealth and status, we seem to have missed a lot of beauty. Sometimes I feel that our appreciation for them has come too late. The earth is changing rapidly.


      2. It is my firm opinion that we ARE Atlantis, myth or not. If time folds in on itself then histories are bound to repeat. I feel we are regressing now, but there was much pain and destruction following the age of purity and connectedness to the All That Is. we are foolish to think that we have advanced so much farther spiritually than the ancient ones. We have been trying to recover what was lost in the midst of constant distraction. I always watch nature. They sense storms coming and become still and wait. For any human to think for one moment that we are above, superior to or disconnected from all other living organisms is fatal folly.


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