Color My World..


There are times, it seems,

like in misty dreams

where a lack of color

brings clarity.

Subtle hues of

shadow and light,

a silent whisper

of Earth’s delight.




Perhaps the reds

and golds and blues,

the roses’ blush

and sunset views,



the impact

of line and form,

cool and warm.

Enter imagination-

sharp, unfurled-

in the blink of an eye

to color my world!


Cheryl KP

copyright words and image 2019











4 thoughts on “Color My World..

  1. One of my favorite films is Wim Wenders’ The Shape of Things. The film-maker in that film about film-making uses black and white, because he says black and white shows the shape of things. 🙂


    1. Usually my lesser quality color photos Dan. I should do more of it. I really appreciate the stark clarity of B&W and actually prefer it for portraits. Thanks! Happy Doors Day. Ill be by hour place later. Dr appt today. 😏

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