It Just so Happens..

We did both recently while in Savannah!




Yeah, that was a delish Fried Flounder Reuben with homemade chips, accompanied by an Irish Mule (Mr Jameson did join us!)




This Georgia Railroad museum is the most unique and closeup venue I have ever experienced. It was hot but we didn’t skip a thing they had to offer.

This post brought to you by Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt. Visit her site for more great posts.

If you are feeling thirsty and need a slice of pizza stop in at Dan’s place for a cool one

I feel so slouchy today. 🙊

11 thoughts on “It Just so Happens..

  1. OK, now I am officially jealous. That sandwich looks delicious and you know how I feel about trains. Thanks for sharing the photos, but we really need Star Trek transporter technology so you could share half that sandwich.


    1. Thanks Pam. The day was perfect. I have some terrific photos of the entire museum but u fortunately not enough space to share them here. Maybe I can put up a Google shre file for my buds here to link to. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and feeling back to 100% now. 🤗


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