In Another Dream

Somehow in this life, this dream, I have challenged myself to function in a most analytical arena, stretching my powers of detailed memory and patience, compassion and  tolerance often to the edge of snapping. I love good communication with my fellow humans; however a work environment leaves little time or condusence to pleasant, equal exchange and yet I must communicate all day long. By the time I get home I long to slip out of my work scrubs, slip into comfy clothes, make a drink and sit outside. That is where my truest connections seem to be.

The world beyond our ordinary scope of viewing is vast, fascinating and ever changing. Most people aren’t aware of the precesses going on above, below and around them as they sleep walk through so many of their life moments.

I could bemoan the fact that, if only I’d waited a bit longer before making some of my life choices, I might have chosen a different path. An entimologist? Ornothologist? Veterinarian? The truth is that, although the world of Science and Nature fascinates me, along with all the interesting facts and discoveries that are made daily; I would be bored in a labarotory doing calculations, looking into microscopes and possibly seeing things that would make me sad.

What I really love is just observing the small things that show up whenever I feel down, when beauty seems elusive and my heart is heavy. Just watching how they seem to delight in their work that goes on each and every moment for the survival of their, as well as our, species eases my weary soul.

Have a look through the lens and see what I see….


“What a beautiful flower,” she said as she passed by.

A world of wonder when viewed with a keen eye.

No rest for the busy tiny overlooked bee
Yet she seems happy scooping pollen up so lovingly


We could take a cue from our little friends

about the nature of cohabitation, cooperation

and sharing.


Each so busy with its work to mind the other. Soon they may switch places.
Such a lovely busy bee, pays no mind to me..

Unless I get too close!

My faery friends have been slow to show themselves but we have had some interesting moths lately. Many I have never seen before.


I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.

Take a moment to look beyond what you expect to see. Open your heart and soul to the connectedness of the All That Is. Think about being social with a different kind of network.

They were here first..

This post is part of  Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt. Visit her blog for links to more great prompts and meet some fine bloggers.

For some lessons on good social behavior you should pop over to the bar and chat with Dan of No Facilities.

Happy Free 48!


23 thoughts on “In Another Dream

      1. I do believe you figured it out! Thank you. And that explains my ‘live’ shots with my phone that make it seem like a true tiny faerie. It is brilliant with wings spread. 😊

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    1. Thanks Pam. When I get frustrated I remember that too many humans don’t truly care for their own health and well being enough to make the necessary changes. Why would they care about these tiny fellows? 😞

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  1. I could watch that busy little bee all day long … it’s somehow soothing. Your words … “they were here first” … are words we all need to remember. Humans have deluded themselves that they are somehow superior, that it is their ‘right’ to dominate. No … we are the newcomers … most everything else was here first, and yet we are trying to destroy them. Sigh. Great pics … love that little bee!

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    1. Thanks Jill. I know we agree on many issues, not the least being our continuing disregard for our imprint on the planet. Life depends on so much more than how fast one’s internet speed is or how long they had to wait in line for a Latte at Starbucks. The average person has no idea what waits down the road if humans don’t wake up and get a clue. 😞Meanwhile I try to honor Mother Nture’s gifts every chance I can. We aren’t perfectly natutal living but we do try….

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      1. You’ve got that right, my soul sister. We are destroying all the beauty of nature, all the gorgeous critters, the life-giving forests … and for what? Money. That money isn’t going to matter one whit when the air is not breathable, the water not drinkable, and the food not edible. I hope we wake up soon.


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