Holiday Doors/#ThursdayDoors

For the long weekend we took the opportunity to go back home for a visit with family and friends. There never is enough time to see everyone and do all the things I imagine possible. We did get to spend some quality time with family and a few close friends and get some awesome seafood. Next time will be round 2!

Imagine my delight when hubby exclaimed, “Hey, there are the doors for your blog post this week!” as we drove away from my sister’s house. Of course we turned around so I could get some good shots. In the moment we made the turn around we zipped through a nice neighborhood with some pretty cool doors as well!



But these were the icing on the cake!

What a wonderful display of love, acceptance and right thinking.  These lovely doors were on display out in front of St John’s United Methodist Church. in Baton Rouge, LA. Check out their website for more info on their progressive ministry and outreach programs.

The last doors in our weekend showed up when we took a detour on our way home via Biloxi, Mississippi, I just had to put my toes into some sand.  This little ‘relief station” says it all.  We were there in BR at the time and felt the impact of this storm, of many storms over the years that, for many, were just reports on tv.  For the residents of these Southern states, it was more than. real.

You’ll have to zoom in to see the placards marking the water levels for the various storms that affected Biloxi and the other Southern states.  WP has informed me I have no more room for photos so I am having to adjust my image sizes in order to import new images.  I can’t afford the ‘upgrade’.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend and do check out the other great doors over at Norm’s place.

15 thoughts on “Holiday Doors/#ThursdayDoors

  1. Great bunch of doors! And, as for running out of space, you can always park your photos on Flickr or some other photo repository and just choose select from URL or Link from URL or whatever WP is calling it.


  2. Awesome find and very sweet of Hubby to be scouting for you too.
    If you get a chance don’t forget to swing by and add your link in the comments section on my post.


  3. I really like those bright colored doors (and the message). We hear about these storms once or twice when they are at their worst, and then, 2 and 3 years later, we read that Congress still hasn’t sent the money they promised. It makes me angry.


      1. They have a right to be both. I fail to understand how we can hold up money designated to help victims of natural disasters in order to score political points. It’s wrong on so many levels.


      2. It is. And right after Katrina they were handing out cash vouchers indiscriminately in Biloxi and ran the till dry not even asking for legitimate identification or information. When my Dad lost his home and vehicles in the flooding a year ago it took 6 mos to get things settled for them to purchase a new manufactured home. Just watch tv. Focus is on material things and popluarity. ☹️

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