Appointment Only…#ThursdayDoors

Last weekend included a Saturday excursion to Marrietta for the weekly Farmer’s/Artisans’ Market. I always love these events although one never knows if there will be anything worth picking up. This one seemed fairly diverse with some fresh produce, although not quite what we had hoped for.

There were some unique artisans with booths and I picked up a nice block of natural beeswax at the Beekeepers kiosk. I have a grand vision of making some natural waxed cloths for food wrapping and storage. I have a sheet or two I purchased at quite an extravagent price, so wanted to try my hand at and making a couple for myself. Wish me luck! I also picked up a cute little natural beeswax candle. Next time, we’ll try some of their honey! Oh! I also got a small jar of bee pollen. I started taking it some years back since it is purported to help build up one’s immunity to the local flora and lessen allergic reactions but I fell off after a short while.. Stay tuned….


For once, I did the Dan thing and looked for doors. I know we could have found more but the weather was whipping up a bit and our stomachs were growling by the time we left the market and headed down the sidewalks of the market area. This place didn’t help the hunger issue at all….


Oh goodie! A Cakery! Wait…

It was closed…..but…but…

Tasting by appointment? Why? If your cake is so special, why do you not want to share it with the whole world? Brides with money get everything. Oh bother…guess I’ll have to go and make a honey cake..

One thing about this city…there are as many churches as banks! And they are often next door to each other. 🙊Honestly, there are some beautiful church buildings. Here is just one of the half dozen we found in two blocks.

Yeah, there were some cool doors but there was a car or two blocking every view.

Meanwhile, check out this uber cool steel wine container artisan stall at the market. There was some really unique stuff there! And I got two prints of originals by a very talented artist there. Her work is simply amazing.

Happy ‘Almost Friday’. I don’t know about you guys, but I worked for this weekend. I also want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful ladies out there. Each and every one of you is special. 💕

26 thoughts on “Appointment Only…#ThursdayDoors

  1. Any door adventure that includes a farmer’s market visit is a good adventure for me. A market in the next town over opened recently, so I’ll be there Saturday morning. It’s a French market, meaning they have lots of things other than just food/produce. There’s a stand that makes delicious doughnuts right there. 🙂 Can’t wait. I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful. I had a very enjoyable one.



    1. Hi and thanks Janet. It was quiet but nice. I’m glad yours was enjoyable. I love Farmer’s Markets. I hope you’ll post about the new French Market and what you find there. 😀

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  2. I like the doors you have found and I have noticed that when I look for doors (I believe many of norm’s crew call this doing it doorscursions)


  3. This is a great post – I’m glad you went looking for doors, it’s a benign habit…really (thanks for the shout). Schedule a cake tasting? Hmmm, I’ve seen pictures of your cakes. If I ever make it to your area, I’d prefer to schedule a cake tasting with you 🙂


Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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