is Friday.

Glorious, coveted, revered, taunting, waiting and flaunting all its promises of release, relief, reprieve, retreat, reverence and rejuvenation.

But more than this, Today is unique, not yesterday or tomorrow, but 24 hours of now with all its possibilities. Try to look around and find the very moments that make up this day and savor them.

Magic and wonder are found in the most unexpected places.


Happy #Free48!

It is starting out very happy for me, or at least not as distressing as my week began. And I believe I have my media space problem in a manageable place. Yay!!


23 thoughts on “Today

    1. Thank you. I love Pooh’s sentiment that his favorite day is Today, extending that to the best moment is the Now. We all let slip moments away while worrying about the past and fearing the future, things which really do not exist. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again. 😀

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  1. I love your attitude! And you are right, we spend the most time in the ‘now’. I also love the picture of the bug in the flower!


  2. Good things abound! I love the picture of the wee spider on the flower! I’m thrilled to hear you got your data space problem resolved so you will still be here with us! And, I love John Denver and this song! Thanks for a great start to the weekend!


      1. I always derive pleasure from your posts! I don’t get to drop by as often as I would like because I always seem to run out of both time and energy. Sleep? What’s that? Anyway, I always enjoy visiting … you write an uplifting blog without being sappy … I like that! Happy weekend to you also, my friend!


      1. That’s really all because I don’t have the time or need for the other special features. I would be happy to purchase more space but the monthly drag for premium would not be frugal for us right now. Thanks for all your help and support. Admin may not realize it, but you should get contract wages for helping WP members. 😉

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