He’s Baaack… #1LinerWed

“Things are coming along nicely, Camera Lady. I see you have added more herbs and some color to your garden. I love it. I could swear we have met before…”


Little Green hung around and talked with me, or should I say he listened to me talk, for quite some time with keen interest. He even allowed me to get a few closeups of him before scurrying away. I look forward to tomorrow when he might return.

So, I can’t add any more photos. Apparently WordPress is trying to force me into Premium mode so I may not be back at all. If that is the case I will also be cancelling my regular site at tropicalaffair.me. I don’t like the service or the new tactics of this web system lately.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week. I’l be out there somewhere…..

23 thoughts on “He’s Baaack… #1LinerWed

  1. I love your Little Green! I chat with the bumblebees that take pleasure from my flowers in the summer … I’ve even had them land on my nose in order to have a more intimate conversation. I love your Little Green, but am saddened to think that you may not be back, for you are one of my best blogging friends. Please don’t go! They cannot force you to sign on for the premium version … can they? 😥 Hugs.


  2. Aw, whut?! Just delete some old media!! Im nearing being out of space because i realized for 2 years I was posting my pics in uber-high Schwarzenegger level resolution that was eating up space. I had to go back and change it. But leaving is drastic, friend!


    1. Thanks Sam. I appreciate that. I just have had a lot of issues lately and this time around space filled up too quickly. And yes I have checked my image size. 🙁Thanks!!


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