Be Confident!

As if the world isn’t already in frightening, full tilt, yet another gorgeous Supermoon arrives to nudge the sleeping lunatics…


She winks sleepily and you smile,

she seems so sultry, mysterious…


Hiding behind the veil of her Daughter’s world,

shyly she teases your senses…


You watch, mesmerized, as she

slips into view, breathlessly anticipating

her full magnificence.



Beware! 89F061BB-385D-4DA3-9FCB-0A32DA867431

Her powers are ancient and most are overwhelmed by them.

Be confident! Walk on…or run!

#1LinerWednesday is broguht to you by Linda Hill. Visit her page for more great posts and the rules.

27 thoughts on “Be Confident!

  1. Gah! Your posts aren’t showing up in my reader for ages now! I always think you havent posted but if i go to the web view you have. Im going to unfollow and refollow again? 🤔🤔🤔


    1. Thanks so much Sam. I appreciate that. I have wondered why some people seemed to have dropped off but didn’t know why. I also have noticed this time some of those I know I follow haven’t shown up in mine. WordPress having issues…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no! I refollowed and clicked yes on a thing that said ‘enable notifications?’ So, we’ll see if that works! If not ill just pick the email option, sheesh!


      2. That will do it. You should get an email notification when I post and you can set how often you want to get them. I get all my notifications on Friday unless they are bloggers that I want to know right away, like yours and about a dozen others. Some people post a LOT of days and it was clogging up my inbox. I also check the reader like you do because I have not been getting all my noticiations on time. Thanks so much for your diligence. Have a great sweek, Sam.


  2. Great photos and I love your words describing it. The moon cycles mess with my sleep cycles. I’m sure of it. Thanks for confirming it is true ;-)!


  3. I still don’t have you in my Reader but I got the notification in my mail! This is the surest way that I see your new posts. 🙂

    I’ve just observed the moon. It’s low and huge and pulling in and gorgeous. Something new is on the way.


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