Look Closely/#photography

As we hustle through life, often barely acknowledging the things that come and go in our daily vistas, it would bode well for us to make an effort to stop and peer into the face of the familiar often ordinary seeming wonders of this world. The things that are constnt and yet so often overlooked could disappear tomorrow, never to be seen again. What grandeur would we miss then!


See Me


Hello there.

Perhaps you think me plain

and every Spring I seem the same,

a lowly blossom in the grasses

not as grand as other lasses-

Rose, Camelia, Gardenia, Rhodedendron, Lily!

How I pale before their light.


But if you come a little nearer

and peer into my face…


In a moment I can erase

all sorrow,

you can borrow

my peace

and in its place

leave your burdens here.


Just a closer look, you see,

and everything-not only me,

will reveal the magic that abounds

in each miracle that surrounds


Take the time to see

the beauty that is me,


Each shadowed line

and crease defines

the one

I have become.

No more,

no less-

Heaven bless

our hearts

that beat with hope

as our minds grope

for lucid thought

in a world so fraught

with desintegration.

I see you,

beautiful and perfect.


Cheryl KP copyright words and images 2019

With Spring finally rousing herself from deep slumber, I am inspired to use my macro lens, even if it is just the one for my phone. Someday, perhaps, I can afford the luxury of a macro lens for my camera. Every time I try to buy one, the techs at the camera shop talk me out of it. 🤔

Happy #Free48 everyone!


11 thoughts on “Look Closely/#photography

  1. I loved that! “If you come a little closer . . .” We all should. Many years ago I wanted a macro lens but couldn’t afford one. I did find these wonderful screw on lenses that attached to my daily lens and changed it into a macro. Each lens you attached, one on top of another, made it stronger. That was 25 years ago.


    1. I know the ones you mean. Every tech has shown them to me. While living in Florida the tech there demonstarted them and I was ready to purchase a set. When he pulled the one he had from the shelf and tried to connect it to my camera, it wouldn’t fit! So, no go on that little wonder. He kept saying it wasn’t good ‘unless’ and showed how it madnified the writing on a penny. If one doesn’t appreciate the minutest particles they don’t understand a person who loves macro. I want the grain of pollen clinging to the hair on the face of the bumblebee feeding on my celosia in the pot on the porch in back of my house. Macro! It’s beautiful. 😊


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