Because/Poetry #SoCS


September now has passed from view

and Autumn in the mists

of dank and often dreary

days of Winter’s cold and

unsympathetic hand.


Suppose we, then, weep not for days in

whose long, languid shadows

we swore at sweat, nor regret

 the changing climes

in these fearful times.


Soon the sap will run again like

rushing tides, life’s vein will

pump wildly to keep time

as we sip wine toasts

to new beginnings

and Summer’s play.


I shall give you a bloom for every

moment passed in those hot,

sopping days of free fun

that someone does not,

in foolish jest,


a frigid day

might count them blessed.


CKP copyright words and images 2019

Hop over to Dan’s sofa  

and bring along some hot tea. He has been under the weather. We miss you waxing witt-tastically at the bar! Get well soon.

This post brought to you by Linda Hill and her #SoCS prompt. Jump over to her place for more great prompts and join the fun.

20 thoughts on “Because/Poetry #SoCS

  1. What a wonderful way to handle this challenging prompt – very well done! You have me looking forward to spring days and those hot sopping days (although I hope I’m not working outside in them this year).

    Thanks for nudging people over to the bar, I hope they all buy from the top shelf. Have a great week, Cheryl!


    1. You too Dan! Be wll. I didn’t italicicize the key words but I am not a fan of WP new blog formatting changes. Everything I have come to be comfortabke with is gone. Or hidden. Which means the same thing to me. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You and me both. I am all for effective reduction of useless information; but the new minimalist tendency in the thought process of our youngest adult generation along with their devaluation of the hard work it took to get technology this far before their “brilliant selves” were born leaves me feeling underappreciated and unwanted. In other words, “Hey! Old guys, follow or get out ot the way! We don’t need no stinking leaders. Going around in circles is fun. See?” 😳 Color me jaded….

        Liked by 1 person

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