Scenes From A Wedding/The Final Chapter, Part 1

I must apologize for leaving you all hanging about our September travel event to Nebraska for our whirlwind weekend. My oldest got married while Number Two had a new baby arrive. I am going to hopefully wrap up our tale over the next week.

Since today’s #SoCS prompt from Linda Hill is roll/role, it seemed the right time to get back to that day.

Everyone knows all great holiday and celebration events call for at least one ‘emergency run’ to the local grocery, conveninece or liquor store. There is a joke between my husband and myself, stemming from his bizarre sense of humor. Any time I am preparing for a holiday meal or party, he will offer to make a run to the store-any store that might be open- asking if I need him to go out for ‘Jujubes and tampons’. Okay, no, I don’t even like Jujubes and the other item has long been off my list. Simply put, it means any last minute necessities? Usually there is something. It is amazing what corner conveninece stores carry these days…

So, when the call came for last minute ice, additional libations and sodas as the guests were arriving, of course my man volunteered, my youngest going along to give a hand.

What follows are images of their near death experience as a football fanatic, in town for the Husker game, ran a red light and hit a car so hard he rolled his own truck, sliding to within merely a few feet where my loved ones sat in our rental.  We wondered what was taking them so long but no text message came, so we assumed they were stuck in after game traffic. It was a Husker weekend. Tap and hold images to see the caption or just double tap for a larger view.


Georgia just passed the zero tolerance for cell phone use while driving law. It might seem inconvenient but it’s a good thing. Too much of this is going on. Just weeks earlier my oldest son witnessed a fatality when someone ran a stop sign. I don’t know that the driver was texting but he was someplace other than in his right mind.  It was devastating for my son to see.

The guy in this truck was on his phone as he attempted to climb out of his passenger window and down to the ground. My son made him hand it over so he could get out safely. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but those vehicles are history. My guys were pretty shaken up.

You can see how close he came to my husband and son.
Yeah, that’s my guy directing traffic. People wanted to drive straight through the accident!

Oh, and check out the license tag on our rental. We might have guessed there would be some devilish goings-on for the weekend. 😏

You all drive safely, save the texting for when you are out of your car, and try not to be a rabid football fan. Some of us fellow humans are trying to live a life too.

Be a role model, not a roll over.

Next installment…the main event! I promise. Oh, want a sneak peek? 🙊



oh Frank…

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25 thoughts on “Scenes From A Wedding/The Final Chapter, Part 1

  1. Cheryl, how are you? I’m sorry about that accident. I’m glad your loved ones are fine. Driving while using a cell phone is rampant here as well. I heard a man in a Subaru ran over a family that was going to some kind of celebration, killing all. He was on his cell phone. Then there are those deaths that result from taking selfies at dangerous places. Anyway, have a lovely weekend. All the best.


    1. Thank you Peter. People seem to have largely lost their collective minds. We see insane driving here and a no fear attitude that only leads to disaster again and again. Im sorry it is happening where you are too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am well, thank you. How have you progressed with publishing your book? I have been thinking that it can make a truly rich and captivating series. A single movie will rush through it and might only concentrate on Ar’tine and his Damanta, and the destruction they caused. Movies like such incidents. But a series will be so much better. Drawn out and developed, leaving nothing. Just my thoughts.


      2. Well thank you for saying so, Peter. I feel this way about it also. My son, who works in film on locations, mentioned it once or twice but he does not really have those kinds of connections. I wouldn’t know how to go about proposing it and there are so many scammers out there I get frozen by doubts. These characters are very real to me. Their words, faces, thoughts and purpose call to me until I get them into print. It isn’t a ‘book’ as much as a story, waiting to unfold. Thank you for remembering the original book so well. It has been challenging doing the rewrite and feeding the history back in. I appreciate your encouragement.

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  2. I’m glad they’re okay, but sorry they had to see it. A guy ran a red light and hit my car a few months ago and he was an airline pilot! My car has a hands free system for cell voice calls, though I have to push a button on the steering wheel to accept the call and that can still be a little distracting. The road still needs to be priority #1. Love that Sinatra song!


  3. What a scary situation. People don’t seem to bother with rules like “Stop” while driving these days. I see people every week, blow through stop signs and even red lights. I guess they just feel special, or, as you say, they are in their right mind.

    I’m glad your guys weren’t involved, but one car away is too close for comfort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were at the intersection. A four way. If that truck had slid another foot. There wasn’t even time for them to back up. There are a lot of country higheays up there also with only four way stop signs. My oldest lost one of his best friends in high school when the truck his friends were driving missed a stop sign and were broadsided. He was with us in Texas at the time. It was heartbreaking.

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