Rollin’ in the Dough/#SoCS/#Free48

Can you even stand it? The Doughnut craze, that is. How is it possible to have so many bodacious doughnut shops in one city? I have already posted a few of our doughnut adventures over the past few months, but this one is by far the most scrumptious so far. A rep at the office dropped off these tasty treats today.



How could I say no to just one? Can you guess which one I chose?

These doughnuts came from a culinary castle known as



The Dutch Monkey Donut Shop in Cumming, Georgia. Check out the yumminess they serve up daily. I’m beginning to think I’ll never be able to make it through all the delightful bakeries here before I explode! We will definitely be making an in person visit to this wonderful shop in the near future.

So many donuts, so little time!



Thank you Atlanta! Visit this fantastic city and all the amazing food venues when you can!

This post is a part of Linda Hill’s #SoCS blog prompt series.


You’ll recognize Dan. He’ll be the one with the ugly team shirt and a bunch of strange people following him…😏

29 thoughts on “Rollin’ in the Dough/#SoCS/#Free48

  1. I had a donut for breakfast today but not one as good as those featured. Oh who am I kidding any donut is a good donut even the lowly glazed 🙂 The bacon wrapped one is calling my name. Jilly eat me! Looks delish!!


      1. I feel like it would be too sticky. Then you’re stuck at a ball field with sugar all over your face and the napkin just sticks to it without actually removing it, so…


      2. I honestly think the friends who did it were a)drunk or b) trying to prove they could, like eating the #10 hottest habanero wings at Pluckers to get their photo on the wall of insane fame. Me, I don’t mix sweet and savory that often. I prefer purity in those things that I love most. Mayo and sugar? Naaaah….

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  2. Mmmm…donuts. They all look scrumptious, Cheryl. What flavor were the donuts off to the left with the fluffy frosting? Not that it matters as I’ve cut way back on carbs and sugar, but I can eat vicariously through you! 😉


    1. The one in back as I recall is a cinnmon roll doughnut with cream cheese frosting. The other I’m not sure. If you go to the website from the link there is a page with every single donut they make. It’s a great read. 😉


  3. When I worked at a crisis hot line many years ago, we got a weekly donation of a HUGE bag of donuts. They sat on the kitchen table murmuring to me as I walked by. So I gained a lot of weight on that job. Today, I’d take the one on the bottom right of your photo. It has coconut and maybe dark chocolate, so I figure it’s healthy.

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    1. Of course it is. At least for your mental health. 😉But seriously, if you check the link you will see that the owners are two well seasoned chefs and the quality of the pastries are above average. I usually say. Ot these days, even when Krispy Kreme walks through the door.

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    1. You know me so well….😏It had the flavors of a genuine German sausage Pig in the Blanket Kolache. Not glazed but slightly sweet. I tell you the master chefs who own it are amazing at what they do. Gotta make that trek soon for an in person intro! Thanks Gordon.


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