Let the Sun Shine/#Thursday Doors


My new favorite door.

For so many days,

shadows and ways

blocking the sun

as she rose

I chose

to look between the lines

push back the creeping vines

pursue her smiling face

with dignity and grace

until at last I find

she was with me all the time.


Hello Sunrise. Let’s face this day

with hands clasped and hearts entwined.

Step by careful step.

CKP 2018

This post is for Norm Frampton’s #Thursdaydoors prompt. While he is on hiatus, the prompt is being hosted by the very talented willing bloggers who are stepping up to help. This week the prompt is hosted by Joey. Check out her page for more great posts. Just find the little blue frog.

6 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine/#Thursday Doors

  1. Reading your title of this post this is the song that came to my mind. Love will steer the stars, and bring the sunshine in!

    Mind you I am a Taurus…so Aquarius and I don’t really get on so well. Water and Earth?…just sayin. 😃


    1. Well, I’m a Cancer and pretty much try to blend. Just don’t back me into a corner. Claws will be used! Lol. Love this song too, Deborah. I have several Aquarian friends. At times their endless optimism and devil may care attitide is maddening but God love their tender hearts.

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