Life is merely a string of now moments, some larger than life….

Like me, living in Costa Rica…ever!
Having a Real live toucan sitting on my shoulder
Being able to enjoy this ridiculously decadent burger at a new venue
A refreshing drink after a long week


While others are magnificently subtle, creeping over you like the brilliance of a sunset and pulling you into their perfection…


Watching the busy-ness of Nature like a voyeur
Scratching an itch…we all have needs
The fragrance a blossom that only comes once in the dark of night
Baking birthday cakes for friends..and having a piece!
Making a simple meal of plantains
My feet in the cool waters of a river
Freezing a mood for all of posterity.



One of my all time favorite moments-the completely unexpected! 🙊😂

Moments make a life. We need to remember that all moments which are savored are holy moments and try to savor every one for whatever it is bringing into our consciousness at the time.

Happy #Free48. That’s 2,880 moments…172,800 seconds’ worth of opportunity..waste not, want not.

This post brought to you via Linda Hill and her #SoCS prompt “start your post with a noun. “



24 thoughts on “Moments/#SoCS

  1. A plethora of lovely memories. Thanks for sharing them. Makes me think I’ll have to go back and look at my photos from CR when I have a bit of time.

    Happy Saturday.



  2. Moments make a life. I just love what you said. Stunning post and I do thank you for showing me apart of the world that I will most likely not see in this lifetime. Have a great weekend! 💕🌹💕


      1. LOL I did not say never because I have learned that one only too well. From where I am standing I don’t see it happening that I even go to Costa Rica. But a lot can change, now can’t it?


  3. It’s good that you and your camera have such a wonderful working relationship and you were able to capture memorable moments when you lived in Costa Rica. And it’s not that you aren’t surrounded by beauty where you are now, as we’ve witnessed in your photos, but Costa Rica comes across to be very special.

    No doubt there’s a sadness that you no longer live there, but how many people can say they lived in or even visited Costa Rica? And we all get to benefit from your time there when you share your photos with us. I love the little guy scratching his back! And the toucan sitting so comfortably on your shoulder. But you saved the best photo for last. Great capture!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Thanks Ginger. It was such a bittersweet time. I really wasn’t ready to ‘retire’ there but went with my husband as wives do. I fell in love and found such peace there. Time is nearly non existent even among the working days. There is the absence of deadlines and dictatorship that rules us here, even in a democracy. Our true dictatorship comes from our possessions and boredom. I really had mixed emotions about returning, although very glad to be near my family again and of course there are conveniences here. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t recall, with a sigh and tear, our wonderful passing of days in paradise. The last photo was shot with an old 35mm and the actual photo is amazing. This was a copy done with my phone but I need to try it with my camera as the detail of how unaware he was is someohow lost in the blur. I think it may be my favorite shot ever! Lol


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