I’m Late!

I’m late, I’m late….


I promised I would post the result of my hush puppy trial yesterday but never got around to it. I must apologize but it was with good reason. I was having fun!

We were fortunate to be able to get out during a reprieve from our recent rains to make a return trip to the Botanical Garden and found a new spot that we totally missed on our first trip. We found a couple of new friends there!



More on that later….on to the hush puppies.

I actually like this recipe more than most others I have tried because it gives more of a light, cornbread texture-and they are good cold as well! The inside is light and fluffy while the outside maintains a nice crispy texture.  They were perfect with the breaded shrimp we had alongside.  Time was short so we opted for a prepared shrimp that only needed cooking.  Next time, the real deal.  Honestly, I avoid frying anything very often so this was a special occasion.  When I do fry it is normally only pan frying in a small amount of oil.  This requires the full monty, however, and so we did.


Hush puppies cooling their jets..
These breaded shrimp came from the grocery freezer..not like homemade but sufficient
Nice platter yes?
Crispy outside, light inside. Perfect with butter!


We made a significant dent in this platter.  My plate was clean!




Who would think there was room for dessert? Well, how could we resist fresh, juicy mango with whipped cream?




Yeah….we had to wait a few minutes before tackling the mess in the kitchen. 😂


Would I change the recipe in any way?  For me, the white cornmeal is a bit too fine so I would try to find a self rising yellow or make my own.  I might even substitute some yellow corn flour in place of the whole purpose flour in the recipe.  I added cayenne or perhaps you might like fresh jalapeño.  The green onions were great and I added some well drained diced red pimiento, or you could use finely chopped fresh sweet pepper.  It’s your cornbread, after all! The buttermilk definitely made the texture perfect for me.  I hope you guys let me know how yours turn out.  In case you missed my last post, with the recipe, you can find it here.

Meanwhile….back in the garden….


Doesn’t he look just tickled? Exactly how I feel when I am there! Sans frogs in hand….


Maybe he’s thinking frog legs with hush puppies….🙊


Savoring the moments….




“We have to stop meeting like this,” I whispered.  He said he would be there waiting until next time.

I promise to share more of our #Free48 later on.  I hope yours is unfolding splendidly!

15 thoughts on “I’m Late!

  1. Well, I won’t complain about you being late because I must confess I didn’t get to make mine at all. I got sidetracked on Saturday and on Sunday I had a 32km training run after which I was knackered.

    But I will get to them one day soon. Yours look so good!

    Those gardens look both lovely and fun. Love the frog statue.


  2. HAHAHAH!! I don’t know which photo I like better, the one of the platter full of delicious looking hush puppies and shrimp, or the empty platter!! And dessert doesn’t look too shabby either!

    I sent my daughter your post about Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Her friend just moved to Georgia (not sure where) and I think they would love roaming through this spectacular place when my daughter goes for a visit.

    So glad to see Mr. Frog again….just love him. He seems quite happy to see you again Cheryl. If that dog weren’t green, it would look absolutely real. Just amazing!

    Looks like you had a great FREE24, hope the last 24 is just as good.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


  3. They look like they turned out well. I can’t imagine having hush puppies leftover in the fridge.

    The botanical gardens look like they are quickly becoming a favorite stop. I think I can see why.

    Enjoy the remainder of the free 48!


    1. Thanks Dan. I hope yours has been enjoyable. The recipe made about two dozen, so…
      Yes, I could easily see me in thise gardens every other weekend if possible. The landscape is ever changing. We found the edible garden yesterday and it has a completely different bounty!

      Liked by 1 person

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