Come Away With Me…

I’m not sure about you, but I could use a nice walk outside today in the sunshine.  Since that isn’t likely for many of us during the rains and storms, I thought I would share a bit more from the Garden of Delights.  The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an amazing place. Enjoy a walk with me and a view from the top of the hump day hill.  It’s quite nice up here! 🙂



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Until next time…..

This post brought to you by #1LinerWednesday. Stop on over to Linda Hill’s place for more great posts and the rules for this little midweek bit of fun.


19 thoughts on “Come Away With Me…

  1. Hi Cheryl! Dan has sent me over to your place to ask for your hush puppy recipe. People keep talking about them and I’ve never had one and I don’t know where I’d buy one in Australia. 🙂 Think you can help me out?
    I love that Norah Jones song.


  2. That bird is quite remarkable!

    I have not been getting your notifications, not even from Tropical Affairs. I was wondering. I came to find out. Are you back to Domhan like you said you would?

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    1. I don’t get my notifications regularly on a lot of the old blogs I was following. I think they are slighting me on the new blog because I didn’t upgrade. I can’t afford that right now. The old blog is full but I left it so it could still be visited. Yes, I am working on the book. I am working on the second chapter now. I’m happy with it so far but it is challenging to rework the story. I decided to make it one book and work the history of the first one into it. But there is so much. When I am done I might put this chapter up on the blog. I hope you would enjoy it. Thanks for taking time to read my post. I miss your stories.

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  3. Soooooo disappointed Cheryl. For some reason I can’t get the slideshow. Always have before. Maybe my iPad has PMS today. It is Hump Day, so anything’s possible!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


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