I gave you all that pain allowed,

wiped every tear and thusly vowed

to keep my tender heart confined,

the unseen chains that I designed

were all that would embrace me,

enfold, protect, encase me.

And yet, somewhere within this cell

there lies the deepest, hopeful well

of adoration, inclination,

burning, churning, yearning-

that you find me and remind me

how it feels to feel again.


CKP copyright words and image 2018



11 thoughts on “More…#photography

  1. Cheryl, I don’t know how this beautiful poetry keeps flowing out of you, but I hope that’s one well that doesn’t run dry!! And that crystal clear image of the bee hard at work….well, that’s just a work of art all by itself.

    I just made a ‘bee bath’ for the first time. No visitors yet. One problem? Since it’s low to the ground, my dog Murphy thinks it’s HER watering hole!!! Funny now….not so much when she gets a mouth full of angry bee and I’m driving her to the veterinarian!! Lol.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


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