Yes, We Have No Bananas! #1 Liner Wednesday

“Hey, Camera Lady! I heard you have bananas.”



“I saw you bring them inside, you know in that plastic bag.”




“Please, oh paleeease gimme one. Yes? Wait, I’ll be right back!”




“I hope you don’t mind that I brought a few friends. Now it’s a partyyyy!”


These beautiful squirrel monkeys, or ‘monotitis’,  visited our little home during our first ‘life in Costa Rica’ most every morning and afternoon on their way to and from the beaches. This was my porch. It is really heartwarming when you learn to recognize each one by their distinguishing marks. I really miss these guys.

I am so proud to be sharing their images with you. In honor of the new badge, I wanted to share some more of my photos with you guys for Linda Hill’s #1 Liner Wednesday weekly event. Visit her blog for more great posts.

Sorry for being early but tomorrow promises to be a busy one! Happy Wednesday.

25 thoughts on “Yes, We Have No Bananas! #1 Liner Wednesday

  1. Congratulations on the badge! I will enjoy seeing this cute monkey on Wednesdays. I have not known and spider monkey’s personally, but they remind me of very big squirrels. Still, I know they are individuals in their own right. Thanks for sharing them with us.


      1. I have never been fortunate enough to see a spider monkey but I know they have some areas of Costa Rica. My favorites are the conos, or ‘howlers’. (But don’t tell the monotitis. 😉)capuchens look adorable but are quite aggressive and ill tempered.

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  2. Congratulations on winning the badge for One-Liner Wednesday!! You have big shoes to follow, but you can more than handle it, as you’ve demonstrated today.

    These guys are adorable. They must have provided a lot of entertainment. Could you approach them or would they scatter?
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. I wouldn’t approach any wild monkey. But if you have food they are all over you! Thanks Ginger. You’re right about the shoes. I’ll do my best though. 😊


  3. Oh my, they are adorable! thanks for sharing these pictures. I read how they don’t want you to feed them, but that had to be hard. So cute!

    II love the badge, it was a pleasure to use it today!


    1. Actually no. The nature officials don’t really want you feeding them, especially with bananas. They are like monkey crack. 😏But mostly because they need to continue their natural quest for food, eating the diet that is right for them. But now and then a treat is nice. But if you feed them once, they make your place a regular stop. Once they were trying to come inside to check for themselves! 😯

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