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Wow! Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt rather has me stumped. Perhaps it is because the first impressions that pop into my head are negative when it comes to empty/hollow.

This is a subject my blogging friend Jill Dennison writes about most succinctly. But I’ll leave these nuances of empty promises and hollow words to her. She has the most well researched information I have found.

I guess I would have to say my own world is the antithesis of these things. My heart is so full of hope and vision for what this existence could be that the only moments finding me with a hollow place are when I see and hear about the slow decline of such hope, about the rise of negativity and anger that is building within this creation. There is so much talk, talk, talk; but the action seems to be coming too heavily from the depths of the Great Hollow where Love does not live. So, if you imagine you cannot make a difference because you don’t go out and protest or fight in an army, you are in error in that thought. Any change that occurs globally begins within, for creation is in the heart of every living thing, every thing that exists. I just picked up this book to read again and am finding new and exciting inspiration from it. To my surprise I have indeed grown a lot since the first time I read it. If you want to be engaged, both spiritually and scientfically, this is a great contribution. Mr. Braden has several wonderful books out.


Anyone who knows me knows I am enthralled with the tiny things that work together to make such a huge universe and beyond. If we all immerse ourselves in the understanding of the connectedness of the All That Is rather than viewing ourselves as apart from anything within it, we can effectively create more of what is required to heal it. As I sat reading last evening, a fly kept lighting on my arm, my hand, my leg. My normal instinct would have been to shoo it away in horror. Why? Germs! I know humans who carry worse.

So, I left it alone instead. It stayed awhile and then left. I connected with this part of Creation in a way I never had before. It brought a real sense of peace, allowing it to be where it was even for a moment or two.



Every little thing has its place (except wasps…please tell me what they do good! 😱) Lol.

Here are a few more of the small things that caught my eye yesterday. I hope your #Free48 is filled with a sense of connectedness, with no empty cup or hollow place in your hearts.


The smallest members of our flower bed. Don’t they look happy?
Zippy saying Good morning in his ‘dashing’ way!
The world in a drop of rain. Even the leaves know a treasure and try to hold it
Yeah…well…I haven’t had coffee all week. This is my little treasure. Doctor’s orders! 😉


If you guys get thirsty, hop on over to The bar at Dan’s blog for a cold one. Who knows? We might meet up there! 😉

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9 thoughts on “One Thought/#SoCS

  1. GORGEOUS photographs, especially of the water droplet within the leaves. ❤ One thing wasps do good is kill tomato horn worms. What good do tomato horn worms do? Well, they feed wasps! lol


  2. I agree….when I think of the words ’empty’ and ‘hollow’, everything comes up negative. BUT, there’s always an exception to the rule. A bird will make her nest in the HOLLOW of a tree. An EMPTY container can make a beautiful musical sound.

    It boggles my mind how life can be so simple yet complex at the same time. We live in a world full of negativity, greed, violence and disrespect. It’s hard to be positive under all that weight. But if each one of us stays connected to those around us, even in the smallest way, I think we will soon find ourselves connected to a very powerful, positive force.

    I’m not sure I could just let a fly (or any bug/insect) crawl all over me. That’s an amazing shot of the fly on your arm(?). I am fascinated by the pattern of your skin. Lol. As for wasps, I need them like I need algebra or a root canal!!

    Great photos, but I LOVE the raindrop caught in the HOLLOW of that leaf. Just beautiful.

    Hope you’re having a terrific 48FREE!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Thanks Ginger. Thankfully the crawling was short lived. But then I can’t fathom a dog or cat wallowing in my bed either and so many people love it. 😏I appreciate the positive spin on those words.


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