Peace, Love and Please Vote for Me!

Hi guys! Well, I decided to join the competition over at Linda Hill’s place and submit an entry for this year’s new One Liner Wednesday badge. The deadline for entries is Sunday, May 20; so if you want to make an entry, just follow the link and read the rules. The voting will follow next week. I hope you like my entry enough to cast a vote my way and answer my little buddy’s prayer to represent this inspiring and fun weekly prompt. At least I think that’s what he’s praying for. It’s either that…or bananas! 🙊🙈



PS This little guy kept me company nearly every day during our life in the little jungle house in Costa Rica. He had one mutilated finger from a run-in with a live wire and I always knew him that way. I miss these guys….

16 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Please Vote for Me!

  1. I had to vote for this little guy. The BEST!!! I also say when he gets picked we should never retire the badge. Makes me smile just looking at him 🙂


    1. Hi Linda! I’m so happy I could make it in time. Thank you. I miss my little buddy. I always called this shot “praying for bananas.” Perhaps he was really just enjoying the Pura Vida.

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    1. I know right? They are so sweet. And hungry! Some of my older posts on the tropicalaffair blog have my favorite monkey ‘tales’. 😉Happy Free 48 Ginger!


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