A Perfect Day

I know I missed wishing all of my online friends a very Happy Mother’s Day; but it was only because I was so busy having one! I also wanted to share the poem that has always touched my heart as a mother, both early on and even now. May every day find you feeling blessed in your Motherhood. It is a real job if you’re doing it right; but the rewards are the best kind of treasure. 😘💕





PS. I had lovely gifts all day and sweet conversations with children and family. Oh. And some amazing food! Wanna see? 😀


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14 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. What a beautiful poem Cheryl. My daughters are adopted, and this is my favorite poem.

    Title: Not flesh of my flesh

    Author: Fleur Conkling Heyliger

    Not flesh of my flesh

    Nor bone of my bone,

    But still miraculously my own.

    Never forget for a single minute,

    You didn’t grow under my heart

    But in it.

    I’m so happy you had such a super Mother’s Day!! You look ecstatic. The food looks scrumptious. But that first piece of cake w/whip cream, well that’s just decadent!! Me! I would’ve started with the cake!!

    Hope this week treats you well. Happy Hump Day tomorrow.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Awww Ginger that’s a beautiful poem. Motherhood is a state of loving, not genetics. I can imagine you have a wonderful relationship with them too. I should have stopped before the cake or we should have shared a piece but we were just having too much indulgent fun. Good thing we aren’t wealthy!


    1. Thanks Dan. The company was the best part. 😀It was my first time to eat sashimi and we tried some amazing pieces. I didn’t have time to caption every i age but one of those is a Spanish Octupus appetizer. OMG. I never ever thought I would like that but it was incredibly delish. We saw the new Avengers film first. A real heartbreaker. My son worked on it.

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