Don’t Leave Me Dangling/#Random 3/#1LinerWed

For over a decade now, since we first encountered such a sight down in Florida, I have often wondered about-and been given various explanations for-this phenomenon. I have never seen so many in one place until this time.


Someone has a good arm.
Are there two classes?


I’ll let you come to your own conclusions, and do let us know what you think. Please don’t leave us dangling. 😉

Meanwhile, I found a bit of info at my pal Wikapedia’s place here , about shoe tossing.

Oh! And have a great hump day everyobody.

Now, how about something pretty?



The peonies are quite lazy about getting up, and who could blame them? 😊

16 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me Dangling/#Random 3/#1LinerWed

  1. It must be some kind of weird satisfaction about getting the shoes hooked onto the overhead wires.
    I don’t get it. The shoes always look perfectly wearable too! What a waste. I even saw a pair of tennis shoes dangling from a wire that crossed a trail I was hiking! I was astonished even there!

    I wonder what all the cities, and towns across the USA do with them all? Donate them I hope.

    I love the Peony!


  2. Gorgeous shot of the peony/raindrops. Beautiful flower, but they do attract ants!

    Hanging sneakers? Around here you occasionally see a pair hanging from a telephone line. According to local teenagers, that’s a signal that there are drugs for sale nearby! WTH?!! I hope your readers have a happier explanation!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Thanks Dan. I would too. I had never seen a real live peony before. Those blooms are almost as big as my face! They hang iver so low too. Very pretty but loads of pillen in there. 😏

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      1. I have honestly done well since cutting wheat products, sulfites and taking turmeric and Ive leaf. Allergies sre the worst. My empathy to your loved ones.

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Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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