15 thoughts on “Make Every Day #EarthDay

  1. What a beautiful post this is Cheryl. That sweet chipmunk and those terrific shots of bees doing their thing. Gorgeous flowers, no other description needed. The little lone sprout pushing through the flooring, determined to soak up the sunlight.

    But the last one, the birthday boy, priceless. Despite the fact that he’s gorgeous, he’s such a typical boy……knee deep in rocks, twigs, leaves and dirt, with no thought of that brand new looking shirt he has on. Lol. I love it!!

    Hope you enjoyed a super Free48.
    🔹Ginger 🔹

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    1. Hi Ginger! Thank you. My Chip is a sweetie. Yes, that little guy is a real rough and tumble but such an Earth Child, staying true to his birthright. He loves to plant things and help them grow. His parents are very conservation, Earth minded folks. He’s a doll.


  2. Happy EARTH DAY, Cheryl! Every day should indeed be an earth day. Isn’t it strange that the thing we need most is the one we least care about? I saw something online that if trees gave us Wi-Fi, everybody would plant one. Unfortunately, they only give us oxygen. These days when I want something really badly, part of me wishes that I don’t get it.

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