#Random 2/Unexpected


Some random moments aren’t strange or weird but still unexpected. I try to enjoy these tiny miracles that find us when we sometimes need them most. I think from now on I’ll think of them as ‘rainbow moments’-miracles we sometimes miss. I’m sharing mine with you.

Much love,



25 thoughts on “#Random 2/Unexpected

  1. Wow — what a blast from the past! I listened to King’s TAPESTRY album so much, I wore it through and could hear both sides at the same time. Love those volunteer rainbows!


  2. Bonus points for the Carol King video. I loved that album.

    It always a special feeling to see sun rays filtering into the bedroom in the morning, especially when they hit a sleeping cat just right or make an interesting image on the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow, though. Glad you were able to enjoy and capture it in the moment.


    1. The loss of a loved one, no matter how many years have passed, is still devastating. There’s a bond between you and your mom that seems to grow stronger as time marches on. Unfortunately, that doesn’t eliminate the sadness. You seem like a strong woman to me, one who is not afraid nor embarrassed by her emotional side, and that makes you very special.

      I think you’ve been given a rare gift to be able to sense your mother’s presence in seemingly insignificant moments…..your rainbow moments. What a terrific mom she must’ve been that you still hold her memory so lovingly.

      I hope the feeling of being overwhelmed softens and you can enjoy spring just as your mom did. Who knows, she may be sending the next butterfly or blossom or rainbow you see!!


      1. Thank you so much Ginger, for your kind and empathetic words. They mean a lot. I can sense that you do understand. She had some health and emotional issues but was the most loving and sacrificing person, almost to a fault for her own well being. No one ever made me feel as loved or comfortable in my skin. My hubs is the closest thing to that in my life now other than my dear sons. I am blessed in so many ways. Admittedly I often feel more out of place than special, so your saying that makes me smile. I saw our first Spring butterfly two evenings ago! I am certain it came from my dear friend who passed two years ago. She loved butterflies.
        Maybe that is why we have so many cardinals in our yard all the time. They are supposed to be messengers from Spirit/the other side.
        I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  3. I think it would be impossible to photograph an ugly rainbow because I don’t think there is such a thing! But this photo is really special. The rainbow goddess was very kind to you. And yaaayyyy for us because we get to see it too!

    Love Carol King. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Even the tiniest prismatic effect gets me so giddy, Ginger. Yes, the goddess was kind to me. It was kind of a bumpy week before yesterday. It was my Mom’s bday and even though she has been gone nearly 40 yrs, and even though I don’t consciously dwell on it, I get overwhelmed this time of year. She loved Spring. I think these things are little gifts. 😊


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